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New Hotel Booking Site Travelsecrets.com is Disrupting the Online Travel Agency Space

While hotels groups and mainstream aggregators are battling it out to control the market, Travel Secrets is building a community based on significant savings for travelers

TravelSecrets.com – the members-only online travel club on a mission to help its community make substantial savings when booking hotels – is disrupting the online travel agency (OTA) sector by focusing on aggressive pricing and organic growth.

As the popularity of alternative accommodation such as vacation rentals continues to fall, major OTAs Expedia and Booking.com are battling it out through advertising and SEO strategies to win over travelers who are returning to hotel stays. The competition translates to millions spent in marketing costs, detracting from the savings these OTAs are able to pass onto hopeful holidaymakers.

However, price remains the most influential factor for people booking travel, especially when visiting somewhere for the first time, and Travelsecrets.com is able to provide rates at an average of 20% lower than the major OTAs. The new booking site derives its competitive advantage from a unique business model: a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that allows the club to pass on a greater proportion of its savings to members.

“We put in the legwork to find low-cost, high-quality hotel bookings for our members, who can be confident they are getting the best possible price,” commented Charles Kao, Founder and CEO of TravelSecrets.com. “It’s a straightforward arrangement – one that reflects what truly matters to today’s customers.”

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