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New Neighborhood Coffee Roaster ‘NANA Hunter Coffee Roasters’

Hello August! A lot of you coffee lovers must have already heard of the name Nana Coffee Roasters on the Ramindra-side of town.

Yes, they are famous for their specialty roasts, with the in-house roasters and all, but did you know just on the 31st of July 2020, they have recently made a newest addition of their wonderful and beautiful coffee house on the Thonburi side of town? And believe you me, it is a place that you wouldn’t really want to miss.

This new cafe is called NANA Hunter Coffee Roasters – a little twist in the name of its predecessor. It, too, features a variety of specialty coffees; in fact, there are over 30 varieties from all around the world.

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A roastery lies in the back of the cafe which is easily visible to those interested. And yes, a variety of croissants, cakes, and other eatables are available to pair the wonderful coffees with.

What makes this place even more special is its decor. This lofty, raw-looking architecture blends iron and wood beautifully, emblazoned with a shower of warm light from various tungsten lamps and floodlights, giving it warm and cosy feeling once inside. The highlight is the large globes hung from the ceiling right in the center of the place. You can enjoy the view of the entire coffee house from the second floor, where you can see busy baristas and staffs going on about brewing and serving their best items. How to get there, you ask? The NANA Hunter Coffee Roasters is on the Phrannok – Phuttamonthon Sai 4 Road, with easy connection to Ratchapruek Road. You can also consult your Google Map and it will bring you right here. Here’s hoping you’d love this new venue as we did. Here’s cheers for coffee!

Article by Sun A.

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