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New Research Reveals Top Investment Migration Program Options for HNWIs Seeking Health Security

In response to unprecedented global demand for residence- and citizenship-by-investment programs as a means of overcoming the limitations and risks of being restricted to a single jurisdiction in the wake of COVID-19, Deep Knowledge Analytics and Henley & Partners have published the Investment Migration Programs Health Risk Assessment – a ranking and analysis of how sovereign states that run these programs have performed during the global pandemic and the likelihood of them being oases for longevity in future.

Considering over 4,000 data points and 140 different parameters, this groundbreaking report features systematic analysis, interactive tools, and exclusive insights into how effectively 31 countries that host investment migration programs to attract foreign capital and talent have managed the global health and economic crisis triggered by COVID-19.

Dr. Juerg Steffen, CEO of Henley & Partners, says this is an invaluable resource for those considering investment migration as a means of creating optimal value and mitigating risk in terms of where they can live, work, study, and invest. “The chaos and disruption experienced worldwide over the past year has seen access to health security become a chief concern.”

Dmitry Kaminskiy, Co-founder of Deep Knowledge Group, says the “health as the new wealth” paradigm has gained significant prominence among the global investment community. “The notion that health, rather than wealth, is the most valuable asset class, will see the ascendance of regions that promote both individual and institutional migration and relocation on the basis of prioritizing well-being, rather than capital.”

The results reveal Canada to be the top performing investment migration country in terms of health management and risk readiness, with New Zealand in 2nd position, and Australia narrowly behind in 3rd place. Four European countries are in the top ten, with Switzerland in 4th place, Austria in 5th place, Italy in 9th place, and the UK occupying the 10th spot.

There are also some interesting surprises in the upper echelons, with the UAE in 6th place, just behind Austria, and ahead of Singapore, which is in 7th place and China Hong Kong, which is in 8th position. Turkey and Ireland are hot on the heels of the UK in joint-11th position. Despite being the world’s most powerful country and one that spends the highest percentage of its GDP on healthcare, the US is ranked just 16th out of the 31 investment migration countries.

Dr. Parag Khanna, Managing Partner of FutureMap, says countries should learn from the COVID experience and improve their health security while also undertaking other reforms to attract the next wave of investor migrants. “The investment migration program options may well grow. Many countries have cleverly amended their visa policies on the fly during the pandemic, allowing tourists to become classified as nomads, nomads to convert into entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs into residents.”

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