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“NIA” joins hands with 15 alliances launching “Tiger Warrior” project Provide 7 supports for Thai innovative entrepreneurs to conquer the crisis

The National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA, Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation launched the project “Tiger Warrior” and sign cooperation agreements for “Non-financial support Mechanism in innovation” with 15 alliances from public sector, private sector and institutions to support innovative entrepreneurs to access to services and benefits from consultants/service providers.

The supports cover the entire value chain in 7 areas including innovation manufacturing, innovation management, and innovation for growth. These are like the weapons for Thai entrepreneurs to fight in this crisis era.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Soranit Siltham, Chairman of the National Innovation Board, said, “Amid challenges and changes in the economy, society and environment, Thailand needs to find new solutions in order to adapt to the new situation. NIA as the main agency for promoting and developing innovation of the country, aims to strengthen open innovation systems through connecting investment and growth opportunities for innovative businesses. Therefore, NIA has developed non-financial support tool called “Tiger Warrior” which is a pilot project to build innovative network and offer access to the services and benefits of 15 alliances. NIA play a role as “Focal Facilitator” to coordinate collaboration between sectors.”

         Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, Executive Director of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) said, “Over the past three years, the global economy has faced three major threats: economic crisis, climate change & pandemic, and extreme inequality which affect entrepreneurs who do not have a plan to encounter difficulties in doing business. Therefore, NIA aim at encouraging entrepreneurs to have knowledge innovation capability and transform them into Innovation Based Enterprise : IBE. Tiger Warrior is one of the projects that support the entire value chain including innovation manufacturing, innovation management, and innovation for growth through services and benefits access from allied agencies which are leading organization in public sector, private sector, and institution. This could be considered as one of pilot mechanism in building. “Innovation Thailand” brand in terms of building a network of entrepreneurs and partner agencies.”

Dr. Krithpaka Boonfueng, Deputy Executive Director (Innovation System) of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), said, “Tiger Warrior are NIA’s new support mechanism that focuses on promoting business capabilities of SMEs. NIA supports potential innovative entrepreneurs who are like “tigers” to sharpen their claws from using the services and special privileges which will turn them to the “warrior” who can compete in the changing and uncertain situations. The services are divided into 3 groups, 7 service areas, which are: Innovation Manufacturing: 1) Product/Packaging Design/ Prototype Factory (OEM) 2) Industry Standards Innovation Management: 3) Finance and Accounting 4) Business/Marketing Plan 5) Business Law and Intellectual Property Innovation for Growth: 6) Logistics Management and 7) International Trade”

            “Innovative entrepreneurs can get access to services and benefits from 15 partner agencies, including Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP), Food Innovation and Packaging Center (FIN), Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR), UIC CERTIFICATION SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED, Accounting Transformation Co., Ltd. (AccRevo), YES YOU CAN Co., Ltd., Builk One Group Co., Ltd., BAKER & MCKENZIE LTD., Intellectual Property Consultoria Office (IP CO) Company, TV DIRECT PUBLIC Co., Ltd., Fast Chip Co., Ltd., CHANWANICH Co., Ltd., Thailand Smart Trade Center (TSTC), eTouch Co.,Ltd. and Thai Business Incubators and Science Parks Association (Thai-BISPA). NIA hopes that “Tiger Warrior” participant entrepreneurs will be able to strongly grow in the business world.”

  More information at https://regional.nia.or.th/

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