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Nimo TV joins force with Bacon Time and supports the Thai youth e-sports team

Nimo TV, the world’s leading game live streaming platform, continues to support E-sports in Thailand. As the latest survey results suggest, Thailand has the highest potential growth rate in the gaming industry in South East Asia. Recently Nimo TV joins forces with the ‘Bacon Time’, a Thai youth e-sports team who has claimed various tournament champions both local and international with titles such as ROV Throne of Glory 2017, Vietnam and ROV Pro league 2018 SS1.   With a consistent view of the gaming industry, Bacon Time team is a good example of a group of people who loves to play games, changing the perception of children who are addicted to gaming.

This is exactly what Nimo TV wants to communicate and change the perspective of the gaming industry and e-sports in Thailand that it is not only a tool to kill time, but when combined with proper management and planning, it can also be a stable career.

Bacon Time is now part of the Nimo TV gaming community, streaming as of February 1, 2019. Nimo TV hopes the collaboration will help to create a better image among people who have no idea what a game live streaming platform is, and with Bacon Time’s fan base, it will help Nimo TV become more recognizable. Bacon Time also helps inspire and encourage young people, whereas many people think that they are just kids who are addicted to playing games, to do things they truly love, or even dream of being professional e-sports players just as Bacon Time’s team members. Furthermore, Bacon Time expects the work with Nimo TV will help expand their fan base further by cooperating with Nimo TV.           

Nimo TV has many experienced people operating the game live streaming platform. Therefore, we think Nimo TV can continue to further and bigger expand their business as now they have invested in Thailand as well as Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines where we are gaining some recognition. Additionally, the fact that Nimo TV can be viewed from many countries would help expand Bacon Time’s fan base. And the name “Nimo Nimo” is pretty cool” Bacon Time talked about working with Nimo TV.

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