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Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) Hosts an Exclusive Sit-down Dinner with Norwegian Fjord Trout

Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), a representative of Norway seafood industry, recently hosted an exclusive sit-down dinner introducing Norwegian Fjord Trout and other fresh seafood from Norway pairing with authentic Thai flavours. The 5-course culinary experience was created by a Thai-inspired Nordic cuisine chef, Chef Rungthiwa “Fae” Chummongkhon, Chef de Cuisine at Front Room, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. The event was also honoured by the attendance of Tor Haug, Deputy Head of Mission, Norwegian Embassy of Thailand, including members of the press and NSC’s seafood partners.

The exclusive dinner hosted by NSC at Front Room, Waldorf Astoria Bangkok introduced high-quality fresh seafood from cold and clear waters of Norway such as Norwegian Fjord Trout – the evening’s highlight, Arctic King Crab, Norwegian Halibut, and finished off with delicious sweet bites.

Asbjørn Warvik RørtveitSoutheast Asia Regional Director of Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), said, “Thailand is one of the top three largest Norwegian Fjord Trout markets, yet Thai consumers are not very much aware of its name, some mistake it for ‘Salmon Trout’ which doesn’t exist.
Another interesting point for Fjord Trout is its limited supply making it an exclusive product. Norwegian Fjords, where melting waters from the mountains meet the salty seawaters, have the perfect conditions for fresh sustainable Fjord Trout production.”

With more than 10 years of experience at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe, Chef Fae is very selective in choosing her ingredients, “For this special event, I have created a menu featuring fresh seafood from Norway with premium-quality Norwegian Fjord Trout as the highlight. Its delicate flavour makes it a popular food item to be enjoyed raw or lightly cooked. By pairing it with Thai flavours,
it creates this refreshing taste and texture for all to appreciate,” said Chef Rungthiwa Fae Chummongkhon.

Seafood consumption in Thailand is on the rise, both for restaurants and home cooking. The ever-popular Japanese restaurants require raw fish as the main ingredients for sushi and sashimi,
while upscale seafood retailers are benefiting from premium fish purchased for at-home feasting. Quality fresh seafood is now in high demand more than ever and Thai consumers are paying closer attention to food safety and sustainability aspect of the products. The sustainable ocean economy report presented at a UN conference recently revealed that through sustainable development of aquaculture, the ocean could supply over six times more food than it does today, and with a much lower carbon footprint than many other foods.

With its reputation as the second largest seafood exporter in the world, the Norwegian seafood industry is upholding its commitment in using advanced technology and expertise for food safety and sustainable aquaculture. Fjord Trout, as a key example, has played a crucial role for Norwegian people to become an expert in farming since it was the very first fish farmed in Norway. The supply of
premium-quality Fjord Trout requires a careful monitoring to secure a healthy living condition throughout the whole lifespan which can only be achieved through a high aquaculture standard and people’s profound respect for natural environment.

Norwegian Fjord Trout is good for both raw consumption and heat preparation. It is high in protein and selenium, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids good for heart and brain, and contains Vitamin D keeping bones strong and healthy. Comparing to Salmon, Fjord Trout is firmer, more intricate, and finer layering with a silvery skin and reddish meat.

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