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Novartis (Thailand) receives HR Asia Best Companies to Work for award for the third consecutive year, reinforcing the commitment of talent development

Novartis (Thailand), one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, has been awarded ‘HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022 Award’ (Thailand Region) from HR Asia for the third consecutive year, reinforcing its commitment to support and develop the skills of its workforce. This year also marks the first time that Sandoz, a Novartis Division in the field of generic drugs and biosimilar, received this recognition.

The award demonstrates the commitment to cultivate a positive corporate environment that continuously promotes the acceptance of differences and the value of diversity, while providing opportunities for employees to unlock their true potential that will contribute to the sustainable growth of the company in the future.

Sumalee Kristarnin, Country President, Novartis (Thailand), said, “We are truly honored to receive the HR Asia best companies to work award for the third consecutive year. This recognition reflects the solid foundation we have built to foster diversity and inclusivity, which drives our business success. It is our commitment to build a new generation of leaders within our inspired, curious and unbossed culture. While the pandemic has revolutionized the way we work, we remain committed to investing in our associates as they are our greatest assets.”

Along with the visions and commitment to reimagine medicines and extend patient’s lives, Novartis (Thailand) believes that employees are the most important assets. To ensure that employees can excel their talents and performance, Novartis (Thailand) walk the talk with the culture under the concept of Unbossed Environment, which allows everyone to be their authentic selves and exchange ideas, thus promoting creativity and productivity.  Furthermore, Novartis has implemented policies that are aligned with the environment to unleash the power of people.

Diversity and inclusion: Novartis accepts and respects the employees’ differences in terms of age, race, and background. The company also provides their benefits, such as giving 98 days paid parental leave for both parents.

Transformation of flexibility: Novartis implemented “Choice with Responsibility” policy which allows employees to take full responsibility with their role and have flexible work hours as long as they are accountable and aligned with teammates to ensure effective collaboration.

Well-being programs: Novartis offers employees several programs to promote health and well-being from physical to mental wellness. It is the company’s belief that good health brings high productivity.

Reimagined performance management: We encourage employees to be involved in setting goals and embracing the culture together. It’s also important to promote constructive conversation between the team to leverage performance in a timely manner.

Equal access to learning and development: Novartis creates opportunities for employees to take ownership and enhance their skills. Employees have access to job openings and opportunities across all regions with Novartis presence.

“Creating a workplace that fits individual’s needs and at the same time, embracing inclusivity and equality can be challenging. However, at Novartis (Thailand), we continue to foster employees’ uniqueness and bring out their creativity to accomplish success and achieve sustainable growth,” said Sumalee Kristarnin.

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