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November Shopping Festival is Back! E-Shopping Smartly with GoBear’s Credit Card Tips Maximize Airline Miles and Cash Back Rewards

Shopping festival is back! This year, many online shopping platforms are once again launching a variety of discounts for Singles’ Day (11 November), Thanksgiving (28 November) and Black Friday (29 November). If you are a frequent online shopper, don’t miss the chance to earn extra spending rewards when paying with a credit card.

According to the Hong Kong Financial Health Index Survey conducted by GoBear, the financial products comparing platform, 97% of the Hong Kong public own credit card products, and more than 60% of the Hong Kong public aged 18 to 35 claimed that they would pay attention to credit card rewards such as points, cash back offers, bonus interest and other rewards. However, with an endless list of reward schemes and promotions, it’s not easy for everyone to keep up with the latest updates; airlines miles, cash discounts and wealth of benefits that might be missed. GoBear is here to help you choose the right credit cards and earn the most from it!

Whether you are a travel enthusiast who loves to earn airlines miles, or a budget-conscious shopper, don’t miss the chance to earn extra rewards when you shop online. Check out the tips on credit cards from GoBear, so you can spend wisely during the season of sales:

Make sure you understand your spending habits before selecting the most suitable credit card in order to maximise your reward opportunities when spending. For instance, if your frequently make small purchases, it is better to use credit cards with more cash back rewards; while consumers making more expensive purchases can choose credit cards that allow flexible redemption of coupons or airline miles.

If you are accustomed to using your PayPal account, you can also consider registering several credit cards under the same account for easier payment. It’s important to understand the terms of use for your card before putting your favourite items in your cart, so be aware that some overseas merchants, such as US websites like Amazon Prime Video Service, may only accept credit cards issued by American banks.

Foreign-currency transaction fees are commonly overlooked by consumers, with differing associated fees and exchange rates across a number of banks. GoBear recommends that consumers pay more attention to the small print on card-issuing banking websites to avoid being stung by hidden costs.

When shopping online in foreign currency, the handling fee (generally at 1.95%) can be offset by a card that provides excellent cash back concessions – keep an eye out for cards that give you more bang for your buck!

The Internet has provided unlimited convenience and access to goods from all over the world, but make sure you’re being safe when spending online. Avoid storing credit cards and personal information on questionable websites to prevent falling victim to unscrupulous hackers. You can also set SMS text notifications to check transaction details at any time, helping to guard against unauthorised uses of your hard-earned funds.

If you would like to get a new card to use at shopping festival, don’t forget to allow time for submission, as credit approvals can take from 30 minutes to 2 weeks from confirmation to delivery.

All promotions and offers consolidated at a glance make comparison easier. Financial products comparing platform, GoBear, compared different credit cards with reference to various reward schemes, such as airlines miles, cash back rate, welcome offers, dining rewards, online shopping, entertainment, and student discounts. Check and compare the reward programmes of credit cards on GoBear to find the most suitable one for yourself, before you get a new card or make purchase!

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