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On the Table, Tokyo Cafe launches a new promotion for all pasta lovers!

It’s pasta time! On the Table, Tokyo Cafe announced the launch of it’s new promotion ‘All About Pasta’. This promotion brings 6 delicious dishes of pasta out of which there will be 3 special dishes and another 3 will serve different nationalities of pasta varieties and ingredients that have been meticulously cooked to suit the style of On the Table, Tokyo Café.

Starting with the new pasta menu- the first menu item, Spaghetti Salmon Pesto Cream Sauce (340 baht) the new pasta menu features a sizable grilled salmon fish and stir-fried spaghetti with pesto cream, homemade-style sauces which you can only find at On the Table, Tokyo Cafe. The 2nd menu item- Spaghetti Creamy Clam Cheese Croquette (260 baht) features spaghetti mixed with red sauce which has a particular tomato flavour of sweet and sour yet mellow taste and is to be eaten with the clam cheese croquette, that is crispy and soft and packed full of large clams. Last on the list, the 3rd menu item- Udon Khee Mao Smoked Duck (260 baht) features soft udon noodles, stir-fried with a spicy sauce served with smoked duck breast with hints of aromatic Thai herbs, perfectly delicious!

The 4th menu item- Spaghetti Tomyum Seafood (280 baht) brings the whole sea to the table with shrimp, mussels, shells, and squid combined with spaghetti cooked Al Dente and fried in a special Thai  sauce to tempt your tastebuds. . The 5th menu item- Capellini Olio Arabilki Sausage & Mushroom (160 baht) has the thinnest pasta variety fried with aromatic arabiki sausages. These sausages specially smoked with mushrooms, garlic and dried chili that blends to give a rich flavor. Thumbs up for good taste!  And finally, the 6th menu item- Spaghetti Cream Ebiko (190 baht) will delight you with large fried shrimp, paired with soft spaghetti and mixed with aromatic carbonara. It comes with a crispy texture from shrimp eggs that will have you requesting for more.

Come and try the special promotion “All About Pasta” at On the Table, Tokyo Cafe available at all branches from now till 15th July, 2019.  All privilege On the Table members can use 20 OT points in exchange for a free Salad Miso Soup set valued at 40 baht while ordering from the pasta menu (including vegetarian pasta). Customers can buy Salad miso soup only for 20 baht from 40 baht when they order dishes from the pasta menu (including vegetarian menu) which the number of exchanges would be the same as number of pasta ordered. For more information and activity at Facebook: www.facebook.com/OntheTableTokyoCafe   Instagram: @onthetabletokyocafe and Line: @onthetable

*Except Phuket branch Spaghetti Salmon Pesto Cream Sauce (370 baht), Spaghetti Creamy Clam Cheese Croquette (280 baht), Udon Khee Mao Smoked Duck (280 baht), Spaghetti Tomyum Seafood (310 baht), Capellini Olio Arabilki Sausage & Mushroom (180 baht) and Spaghetti Cream Ebiko (210 baht)

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