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On The Table Tokyo Café new look: remain best quality in every meal

If you are looking for a restaurant in a café style that make you feel like sitting at home with superb homemade style meal, On the Table, Tokyo café is completely a restaurant that reserve your demand. 

On the Table, Tokyo Café is a fusion Japanese café style restaurant that serve fusion Italian – Japanese food which exist in Thailand for more than 9 years. Today, On the Table, Tokyo Café is rebranding its new look but still remain the Tokyo café style with the concept of Homey & Cozy to reinforce the brand identity and brand concept. The mood and tone of this rebranding will make customers feel warm and relaxing atmosphere with natural and white color, also decorate with wood materials that look like café in Japan. Especially with DIY craft for decoration. Moreover to reinforce the warm atmosphere with different kinds of bush and flowers in particular the balcony that customer able to chill and relax.

Besides the restaurant increase more functions such as the new bar that concept is street café so customers can chilling and drinking, USB available for customers who come to work with their laptop or charge their mobile devices and the private zone room with transparent partition where customers can have their privacy.

The restaurant is not only rebranding the look but keeping the high standard of taste is the key especially homemade style which emphasize the quality in every details including select the best ingredients that clean and nontoxic especially safe to customers. Therefore in each dish is fresh cook, no frozen products or left over food, no MSG. However the food here are fusion but already adapt the taste for Thai people.

In particular, On the Table, Tokyo Café also adjust and improve the vegetarian menu and put the label to show these are vegetarian menu including Lacto – Ovo Vegetarian : for vegetarian customers who able to eat milk, egg and meat products. Vegan : Vegetarian food that not contain any kind of meat, milk and egg. And J-Vegan : the vegetarian food that no meat, milk, egg and 5 kinds of pungent vegetable.

            “ This new look still keep the brand identity of Tokyo Zakka café that feel Homey so it now become Modern Japanese Architecture its mood and tone is Homey & Cozy that reflect clearly of the image of On the Table, Tokyo Café. We chose Siam Center branch to be the first new look branch then will continue change other branches in the near future. We aim to make On the Table, Tokyo Café to be the place that customers able to escape from the crowded of the city life together with great taste food with great quality in every details and processes. Besides we know that nowadays people aware of healthy food so we also create the new Vegan menu to support the trend of eating healthy food with good taste as well that will be our signature Ms.Suchanpa Balankura, General Manager of Yakiniku and cefe’ business, Tokyo Concept Co., Ltd said

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