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OneSiam and ICONSIAM Inject THB100 Million Into 2019’s Chinese New Year Celebration Reinforcing the Reputation as Global Destinations among Thai and International Tourist

World-class destinations of retail businesses and tourist attractions, OneSiam and ICONSIAM have invested a significant total amount of more than THB100 Million in 2019’s majestic Chinese New Year celebration in hopes of boosting shoppers’ activities and reviving the economy among Thai and foreign visitors. In addition to all the spectacles visitors can expect, OneSiam and ICONSIAM have set exciting promotions across the festive period as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery will proudly host ‘OneSiam The Great & Glorious Chinese New Year 2019’, while ICONSIAM is prepared for its take on the celebration with ‘The ICONSIAM Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2019’.

Each year, local Thai-Chinese and international tourists have chosen OneSiam as one of the top locations to witness and experience sensational events and attractive promotions during the special Chinese New Year celebration, whether at Siam Paragon, Siam Center, or Siam Discovery. Taking the experience to another level, Bangkok’s most recent tourist attraction was unveiled in November 2018; ICONSIAM has been at the center of global attention. For 2019’s Chinese New Year festivities, visitors can now be part of one the world’s most celebrated occasion on the riverside, where all exciting events and irresistible promotions will be intensified like never before.

OneSiam launches ‘OneSiam The Great & Glorious Chinese New Year 2019’

Siam Piwat Senior Deputy Managing Director for Marketing Events and Business Relations, Miss Chanisa Kaewruen said about the highly anticipated event, “For this Chinese New Year, OneSiam has prepared an extraordinary and exciting phenomenon for all visitors and their families with ‘OneSiam The Great & Glorious Chinese New Year 2019’. The event will commence with a ceremony to welcome the Year of the Pig, starting off with “Siam Paragon Chinese New Year 2019 the Great and Glorious Celebration” grand event, which invite all to experience the lion and dragon dance performance by Thailand’s highest rated performance group. The ceremony will feature 63 costumed lions, and the dragons have been designed to embed 50m of LED units. Furthermore, OneSiam has proudly brought in an acrobatic group from the China, from Shandong region, who have won the sixth national acrobatic championship and had performed on several international stages. Simultaneously, OneSiam’s décor has been reimagined with bright and vibrant colors, and the auspicious Pig to complement the Chinese New Year and all felicitous meanings.”

“At Siam Center, visitors are encouraged to partake in the special activities by dressing up in traditional Chinese outfits where they can have photos taken and receive free printing services from Canon. Additionally, NARS has joined in on the event by introducing NARS Pop-up Store and the latest Lunar New Year 2019 collection for the first time in Thailand to celebrate the annual event.”

“Visitors are welcomed to view the exclusive lion and dragon dance performance between
February 1 – 5, 2019 at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon, and take part in dressing up in traditional Chinese outfits to create a wonderful family-oriented setting, and spark the excitement during the Chinese New Year.”

Proposed promotions to boost consumer spending and business owners’ sales volume

Siam Piwat Senior Deputy Managing Director Strategic Marketing and Planning Division Mr.Anawat Sangkhasap said, “With OneSiam’s incredible investment of THB50 Million into the vibrant celebration of Chinese New Year, the capital support is aimed to boost consumer spending and the overall economy. As a result, vendors, merchants, SME business owners are expected to generate higher sales volume — the highest in Q1 of 2019.”

Each year, the period of Chinese New Year has consistently been seen as the high season of consumer spending. However, consumers have done thorough researches prior to consciously spending in order to get the most of their spending. In response, OneSiam has planned a series of uncomplicated promotions to help consumers spend wisely between January 31 – February 17, 2019 — including the special reward of Siam Gift Card once set purchase amount is reached, only between February 3 – 5, 2019. VIZ Card, Platinum M Card, KBank Credit Card holders, along with True members, are to receive Siam Gift Card upon reaching set purchase amount, with extra promotions from their respective cards on top. First 50 VIZ Card holders with the highest spending during this campaign will receive a bonus of 2,000,000 redemption points.

In addition, exciting promotions have been dedicated to another valuable consumer group of OneSiam: the international shoppers, and especially tourists from China and neighboring countries including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia who are expected to enjoy shopping during Chinese New Year. In 2019, special promotions in the form of digital Hongbao (Angpao gifted red envelopes) are to be given to Thailand-inbound tourists via WeChat, including THB200 Hongbao gift cards in partnership with ALIPAY, and THB100 Hongbao gift cards in partnership with KLOOK. International shoppers are also eligible to receive on-top gifts and rewards — simply by presenting their receipts at service counters for tourists.

ICONSIAM invites all visitors to celebrate the special occasion on the riverside at
‘The ICONSIAM Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2019’

ICONSIAM Managing Director Mr.Supoj Chaiwatsirikul stated, “Chinese New Year is an important event for the tourism industry, largely due to a significant number of tourists coming into Thailand. This year, as ICONSIAM has been considered the most attractive destination for Chinese New Year celebration, it is an honor to proudly present the beautiful and charming Thai values and wisdom, unlike anywhere else, during the celebration of the auspicious event across a tremendous 400-meter strip on Chaophraya riverside.”

ICONSIAM, the landmark of iconic lifestyles, is set to bring brilliant charm of the Year of the Pig with ‘The ICONSIAM Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2019’. With an outstanding sum of THB50 Million, ICONSIAM is prepared to bring China’s number 1 acrobatic troupe, a dazzling display of Asia’s winner in 2016 and Thailand’s longest LED illuminating dragon, at 108 meters, lion dance performance from Asia’s winner in 2018, a magnificent performance by Chinese opera ensemble from the Ministry of Culture to thrill visitors from around the world. In addition to the series of remarkable shows and performances, ICONSIAM is dedicating activities to those who believe in auspicious ideals with Chinese horoscope, Kau cim (Chinese lottery poetry), Chinese amulets of fortune, as well as Chinese calligraphy and Chinese knotting workshops — only between February 2 – 5, 2019, at the River Park and Charoen Nakhon Hall (M Floor) at ICONSIAM.

ICONSIAM is fully embracing all shoppers during Chinese New Year with enticing rewards, including free Chinese zodiac workshops, Chinese lottery poetry and auspicious windmill for those with THB1,000 minimum purchase. VIZ Card holders and shoppers with THB2,000 minimum purchase receive an entry to win a gold bar or a gold pig-shaped pendant, with a total worth of THB1 Million. Moreover, VIZ Card, CITIBANK Card holders and True members receive additional shopping vouchers upon reaching set purchase amount. First 50 VIZ Card holders with the highest spending during this campaign will receive a bonus of 2,000,000 redemption points; additional promotions and rewards apply to respective partnering credit cards — between January 31 – February 17, 2019. Furthermore, sales up to 30%, with extra discount and cash-back programs apply at Siam Takashimaya department store.

Currently, OneSiam and ICONSIAM’s documented customer demographics can be observed in the proportionality of 60:40 (Thai customers to international customers), where 150,000 – 200,000 customers visit Siam Paragon (per day), 70,000 – 100,000 visitors at Siam Center (per day), 70,000 – 100,000 visitors at Siam Discovery (per day), and 120,000 – 150,000 visitors at ICONSIAM (per day).

With a long and immensely exciting list of events and promotions in store for 2019’s Chinese New Year, there is an expected increase by 10 – 15% of consumer traffic at OneSiam and ICONSIAM, with a forecast of THB60 Billion to be spent at the department stores during the special occasion.

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