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The PARQ, a pioneering mixed-use lifestyle development aimed at fostering smart offices and retail spaces under the theme “Life Well Balanced,” proudly announces its partnership with CURVEBKK, a renowned Barre Exercise studio, to launch the CURVE LIFE—BALANCE: BLA • BARRE • BAR event. Presented by The PARQ, this initiative aims to promote balance in life, emphasizing the importance of holistic self-care for both the body and mind on February 3rd, 2024.

This vibrant gathering brought together health enthusiasts, forming a dynamic Workout Community, who participated in a diverse range of exhilarating exercise activities curated by CURVEBKK. Attendees exchanged self-care tips and explored lifestyle markets featuring health-focused products from popular brands on social media.

The event commenced with an invigorating BLA Wellness talk themed “Workout Life Balance” featuring insights from Ms. Poy – Natasha Soontornvinate, from the Holistic Medical Centre, and renowned Food Science Specialist, Ms. Wasinee Kongnaisat or Sydneyfeelgreat’s. They shared valuable knowledge and experiences on comprehensive health care, underscoring the importance of balanced living.

Continuing with the excitement, the event featured two exclusive classes designed to boost fitness and firmness: Barre Exercise, a ballet-inspired workout that combines interval and bodyweight training for simultaneous fitness and fat burning. The lineup included the Sunset Booty Curve class, focusing on sculpting and tightening the glutes, and the Blacklight Cardio Barre activity, designed to push the body’s limits while adding an extra element of fun with music from DJ Mixes and Live sets. The energetic atmosphere, enhanced by the Glow in the Dark theme, allowed everyone to fully immerse themselves in self-care under the twilight sky of Bangkok, atop the Q Garden. 

Another highlight of the event was the Lifestyle Markets zone, offering a plethora of health-focused products from popular social media brands, providing attendees with the opportunity to shop for items supporting their self-care routines including Gooderly, Moodactiv, Cross’e, Peaches Active, Holistic Medical Centre, Verite, Faceandetc, Fitmeal, Pleased Yoghurt Bar, Khunkale, and among others.

Culminating the day was the BAR Dance the Night Away & Mingle activity, where The PARQ transformed into a pop-up rooftop bar, complete with a live DJ, fostering connections among like-minded individuals and fostering a stronger Workout Community.

Ms. Korbua – Ruchupha Somsopath, one of leading Barre Instructors from CURVEBKK, expressed deep gratitude to The PARQ for valuing holistic health. She highlighted the significance of their ‘Q Garden’ space as a sanctuary, fostering collective efforts toward a ‘Work-Life Balance’ lifestyle. She emphasized the crucial role of balance in modern living, acknowledging The PARQ’s visionary insight and provision of activities aligned with this ethos. She believes the event’s impact empowered countless individuals to find equilibrium in their lives.

CURVE LIFE—BALANCE is another testament to The PARQ’s commitment to supporting balanced living. As the first project in Thailand achieved LEED Gold® Version 4 and WELL Certified™ Core Gold standards, The PARQ continues its dedication to elevating the living standards of its occupants and visitors, providing a balanced life in every aspect.

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