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Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort Awarded Green Leaf Certificate For Environmental Efforts

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is the proud recipient of a highly respected Green Leaf Certificate, with ‘3 Leaves’ awarded for successfully promoting conservation awareness in the tourism industry and protecting the environment through resource efficiency; a feel-good stay for tourists who support Responsible Travel and want to protect the natural beauty of Koh Phi Phi.

The resort’s hotel operations, back-of-house kitchens and laundry, plus guest rooms, landscaping, staff training and community activities were assessed as part of the certification process. Chao Treenawong, General Manager of Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort, is delighted with the recognition. “As a nature-concept resort, the Green Leaf Certificate is a meaningful seal of approval for our guest experiences, CSR initiatives and environmental management. This resonates with visitors who want to protect Phi Phi, enjoy a greener stay and get involved with activities that make a difference.”

Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort is renowned as a nature-lover’s destination stay with guest activities to protect the island’s coastal waters which are part of the Nopparattra National Park. The resort’s Marine Discovery Centre features interactive displays, an aquarium and movie theatre as well as eco-activities for kids.

There are also CSR projects such as‘ Save the Ocean’ initiatives, with a coral nursery to combat devastation from bleaching. The resort is home to bamboo shark and clownfish nurseries with release programs guests can take part in. Guests are also invited to join in with organised weekly beach cleaning, as well as planting mangroves to protect marine life.

The Phi Phi Island Dive Village, a member of a UN environmental project to support the area’s underwater biodiversity, takes guests out on ‘Save the Sea’ dives to clean the waters and plant new corals.

Behind the scenes, every detail enhances the resort’s nature-concept culture. Bungalows are designed to reduce resources, whilst guests are encouraged to be mindful of laundry by reusing towels and linen and not wasting electricity and water. Eco-friendly products are used such as LED lighting and efficient air-conditioners. Rooms are cleaned with green products, whilst natural wood vinegar is produced in the gardens as an insect repellent with a compost made from waste fruit and dry leaves.

By celebrating traditional Thai festivals such as Songkran and Loy Krathong, the resort connects guests more closely with the beauty of Thailand through a cultural appreciation which extends to the environment too.

The Green Leaf Program for the hospitality industry is organized by the Green Leaf Foundation which was established over 20 years ago to help develop tourism in Thailand in tandem with the quality of the environment. Hotels and resorts are audited, with a sliding scale of 1-5 Green Leaves awarded, with certification depending on the level of environmental management. Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort joined the Green Leaf Program at the start of 2018.

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