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Phuket Hotels Association Re-elected Of Senior Leadership Team

Daniel Meury, Secretary,

The Phuket Hotels Association, representing 80 top hotels and resorts on the island, has reelected its senior leadership team, led by President Bjorn Courage. The association aims to address the shortage of talent in the hospitality sector and boost the recovery of international travel through education and training. The team’s reappointment shows their strong commitment to the future of Phuket’s hospitality industry.

The Phuket Hotels Association recently elected its senior leadership team with Bjorn Courage as the President, Brett Wilson as the Treasurer, and Daniel Meury as the Secretary. The association’s focus on education, as one of its four strategic pillars, is crucial in addressing the talent shortage that could impact the hotel sector in Phuket and the region.

Bjorn Courage, President
Bjorn Courage, President

The continuity of the executive team will help implement key projects and policies effectively. The association’s efforts in education will be vital in ensuring the sustainability and speed of recovery for Phuket’s hospitality industry, which is currently rebounding from the global pandemic.

President Bjorn Courage of the Phuket Hotels Association says the association will prioritize putting people first and providing education opportunities to create a pipeline of skilled personnel for the hospitality industry. To address the talent shortage, the association is promoting investment in the education and training of local people, securing scholarships for 48 young adults at vocational institutions and universities. It has also established partnerships with Cornell University and Dusit Thani College for hospitality management and culinary arts education, and with Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Singapore for world-class university-level online training. The association’s efforts aim to ensure a steady supply of talent for Phuket’s hospitality industry.

The Phuket Hotels Association is not only creating opportunities for future employment but also empowering existing employees to advance their careers through continuous learning. This will help transform the staff of its hotel members into multi-skilled team members.

Executive Director Sumi Soorian, a long-time member of the association’s leadership team, recognizes the importance of investing in the next generation of hospitality talent. The association is continuously exploring ways to strengthen the industry and bring people back to the sector sustainably.

Brett Wilson, Treasurer
Brett Wilson, Treasurer

Phuket is leading Thailand’s tourism recovery, with 2.3 million international visitors in the first ten months of 2022, more than double the number of any other Thai province. The success is partly due to the “Phuket Sandbox” initiative that expedited the return of overseas tourists. With visitor arrivals expected to increase rapidly in 2023, it’s crucial for Phuket’s hoteliers to have a strong strategy in place to manage the influx.

The stable leadership of the Phuket Hotels Association, representing 80 of the island’s top hotels and resorts, will play a crucial role in the sector’s future success. The association, established in 2016, comprises just over 12,000 rooms and 25,000 employees, and its members have made a commitment to investing in the destination’s sustainable future through long-term environmental and educational initiatives.

The Phuket Hotels Association is a non-profit organization that represents 80 of the top hotels and resorts in Phuket. The association is dedicated to promoting education and training to tackle the talent shortage in the hospitality sector and to contribute to the island’s recovery and future success. With a stable leadership team and a focus on key areas such as marketing, environment, government, and education, the Phuket Hotels Association is working towards a sustainable future for Phuket’s hospitality industry. To learn more about the Phuket Hotels Association, visit their official website at www.phukethotelsassociation.com.



Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)






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