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Phuket’s Gardens of Eden: Green Haven for Families Unveiled

Ravi ChandranIn an audacious move that redefines sustainable living, the visionary new-generation green developer Gardens of Eden proudly announces the launch of its family-driven community concept in Phuket. This initiative marks a significant milestone in eco-friendly residential development, heralding a new era of environmental responsibility and community-centric design.

The Dubai investment capital-funded Amal Development, known for its pioneering efforts in sustainable projects, has unveiled this expansive endeavour. Phase two of this ambitious project features a sprawling 5,000-square-meter wellness facility and five hectares of meticulously curated gardens and parklands. Nestled in the tranquil environs of Bangtao Beach, Phuket, Gardens of Eden promises a harmonious blend of luxury and nature.

Underpinning this project is a deep commitment to fostering a green lifestyle. A mere 30% of the land is developed, ensuring 70% remains devoted to lush greenery and open spaces. This careful planning extends to underground parking facilities, minimizing the environmental footprint. The design ethos is centred around creating a safe, secure, and nurturing family environment, a testament to Gardens of Eden’s forward-thinking approach.

Ravi Chandran, Amal Group’s corporate affairs advisor, emphasizes the significance of this green endeavour. “Gardens of Eden isn’t just about selling properties; it’s about endorsing a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Our vision is a family-friendly environment that resonates with the island’s natural beauty and contributes to global sustainability conversations.”

Sustainability is not an afterthought but a core principle driving this project. Amal has engaged Intrinsics, a leading sustainable and well-being consultancy, to conduct an in-depth feasibility study on the landscaping development. Jerawan Srepetchdanon, the founder and director of Intrinsics, brings a unique perspective to the project, focusing on environmental consciousness beyond mere aesthetics.

Ms. Jerawan’s commitment is evident in her approach to restoring the land’s biomass density, significantly reducing carbon emissions. “We intend to create a living space that is not just green in appearance but genuinely contributes to the planet’s well-being,” she asserts.

The development’s master plan includes vast natural parks, forests, and wetland areas, all designed to foster a healthy, active lifestyle. The wellness centre, extensive parks, fitness trails, children’s clubs, and a water park are tailored to promote physical well-being and a deep connection with nature.

Looking ahead, Gardens of Eden’s third and final phase will introduce Lake Residences, offering unique experiences harmoniously integrated with nature. Each residence promises a distinct interaction with the environment, reminding residents of the luxury of living amidst nature.

Gardens of Eden stands as a beacon of sustainable development in Phuket and globally. It embodies a profound shift towards green living, prioritizing the well-being of families and the environment. This project is more than a development; it’s a movement towards a brighter, greener future.




Written by: Christine Nguyen







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