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Pioneers of sustainability: Barbara and Tomislav from Green Spirit Hôtel Le Pavillon

For over 35 years, the two German emigrants Barbara and Tomislav Tascijevic have been living and working in Paris and now know the city like the back of their hand. The entrepreneur and the marketing experts have already implemented several projects together. In their neighborhood near the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement, they were able to take over three small family hotels. The Hôtel Le Pavillon plays a very special role: the historic building – a former monastery – with its extraordinary architecture also has an extraordinary future.

From a former monastery to a green oasis

Central yet quiet, with a small courtyard and garden patio – all requirements for a green oasis in the middle of the city are met. The renovation should have been as ecological as possible and yet, Barbara and Tomislav went one step further: Barbara already had some experience in harmonizing rooms to support the physical and mental well-being of the guests. She was able to apply this knowledge to the renovation of Le Pavillon, which resulted in a hotel project that was unique in France. Each room is lovingly and individually furnished – with a good portion of humor and Parisian joie de vivre.

A piece of nature in Paris

The Hotel Le Pavillon was renovated with carefully selected sustainable materials, environmentally friendly paints, floors, and carpets, along with the use of natural stone and slate. Special air filters, originally developed for asthmatics, ensure clean air throughout the hotel. Fresh spring water flows from all taps and a hand-blown carafe is available for every guest. Guests can easily refill their bottles while on the move and avoid plastic bottles.

Relaxation without radiation

But there are even more special features that make Le Pavillon so unique: “Of course we offer our guests Wifi, which is no different nowadays, but we notice that more and more people react sensitively to the ever-increasing radiation,” explains Barbara. In order to protect the health of the guests and the staff, it was therefore important for both of them to eliminate electrosmog in the hotel as much as possible. All rooms are equipped with special curtains to protect them from high-frequency radiation. Three of the rooms are also specially insulated for electrosensitive people – a first in the French hotel industry! In the middle of the metropolis of Paris, guests will find a quiet oasis in the Le Pavillon. Even the hotel’s electrosensitive neighbors occasionally spend the night in one of the rooms and enjoy the special atmosphere and tranquillity.

Organic and local: specialties of the 7th Arrondissement

Organic products are not only important for renovation and furnishings, but also for breakfast! And preferably come from their own neighborhood. The 7th Arrondissement of Paris is rich in small gourmet shops that supply the Le Pavillon with traditional organic breakfast ingredients, organic coffee and tea, fruits, fruit juices, nuts, muesli and much more. There are also specialties from the neighborhood, such as bread, croissants, and pastries from Nelly Julien, cheese from Marie-Anne Cantin and delicious handmade organic jam. Gaël personally brings the organic eggs directly from his small organic farm in neighboring Normandy, where his chickens live a peaceful life under fruit trees. “We sponsor the project ‘A roof for bees’ and get our own organic honey from southern France, which is served for the guests at the breakfast buffet,” explains Tomislav. In the garden, you can have breakfast and after an eventful day in Paris, the lush greenery invites you to relax.

“As good neighbours, we cultivate connections in our neighbourhood,” says Tomislav. “We support other small entrepreneurs and are happy to offer and promote products that are made with love and mindfulness. The guests will also notice that.” The guests also benefit from other partnerships, such as the connection to a digital hiking route system with personalised walks through Paris.

Exceptionally sustainable

With the renovation of the Le Pavillon, the idea for the Green Spirit Hotel Group, which now includes four hotels in Paris, was born. The philosophy has been implemented step by step in the hotels over the past few years. First and foremost is the Hotel Le Pavillon, which this year has been certified with the European Eco-label and the Green Key Label. “Certifications are not just seen as decorative plaques and marketing tools,” says Tomislav.

“We also use the documents created during the certifications for regular employee training and as daily to-do lists. They are like checklists so that everything is considered, from waste separation to environmentally friendly cleaning products, to green energy supply and LED bulbs. Everyone in the company knows exactly what matters and what we have promised our guests. It’s not always easy to keep everything the same in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business, sometimes we have to remind each other. But we’re proud of our teams and that everyone is behind the concept to bring the Green Spirit experience to our hotel guests.”

Step by step to change

Climate protection and environmental awareness have been consistently implemented by Barbara and Tomislav for years. The approach of both: In addition to value creation, a company plays an important role in environmental protection and can be a catalyst for change.

“We are all a part of this earth and can only start with ourselves to make a real difference. There are so many great ideas and opportunities,” explains Barbara. “We are happy to be able to give our guests examples and food for thought at home in order to live our own contribution.”

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