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PM’s spokesperson debunks alleged reversal on mixed-formula vaccination

The Prime Minister’s public relations team has debunked claims he reversed an order for vaccinations to be administered using a mixed approach, following media outlets reporting he had reconsidered the decision based on World Health Organization (WHO) advice.

The Prime Minister’s Office Spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri has asserted that Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha did not issue a policy to stop “mixed-formula” COVID-19 vaccinations and only asked that the public defer to the National Communicable Disease Committee’s decision.

The PM underlined that the priority now is vaccinating as many members of the population as soon as possible, to curb the spread of the Delta strain of the virus. He remarked that research done in Thailand is being carried out to provide additional avenues for resolution and voiced the hope that the systematic studies would be trusted by the public. The premier stated the government is open to all solutions and supports all searches for remedies while also seeking to provide essential knowledge to all.

On mixed-formula vaccinations, the chief scientist of the WHO has only pointed out that members of the public shouldn’t make their own decisions and should defer to their state’s Public Health office, which should draw its conclusions from available data and safety concerns.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Spokesperson to the Prime Minister’s Office Rachada Thanadirek, underlined that no reversal was ordered by the PM when he met with his Cabinet this week, noting however that discussion on the matter did take place as is normal when ministers convene.

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