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PouchNATION launches a temperature monitoring wristband for households and businesses to help mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic

As a leader in crowd management technologies, contactless payments, and behavioral analytics, software provider PouchNATION is launching an exciting new addition to its traditional wearable product. PouchPASS is an innovative, continuous Body Temperature Monitoring wristband sensor. Utilising Bluetooth technology, PouchPASS will record body temperatures and continuously sync temperature data to a mobile application and/or dashboard for multiple users.

Importantly, PouchPASS features allow for contact tracing, and early detection of raised temperatures, tools which will help mitigate COVID-19 transmission by allowing both households and businesses to perform their own health screening checks Ilya Kravtsov, PouchNATION’s CEO stated: ”Over a 5-year period we have launched and built our business to be South East Asia’s leader in wearable technologies for mass participation events and venues.

We were handling hundreds of events every year and our technology was managing millions of guests across the region, providing insights to consumer behaviour, ticketing and crowd management. Then all of a sudden, COVID-19 happened; the largest event of our lifetime. Understanding immediately the gravity of the situation we decided to redirect our knowledge and resources to something that we knew would help in protecting lives and establishing the fundamentals for a better tomorrow. I am extremely proud of the result that the team managed to achieve in this short period of time.”

Koen van Geene, the task force director for this new feature adds: “PouchNATION has always been at the forefront of new guest technologies. RFID enabled cashless payments, geolocation, ticketing, POS development – all these are our traditional tech tools providing very detailed analytics and patron behaviour reports. For those who know us and our “can do” spirit, it is no surprise that we have now
turned years of guest, organiser, venue and event management experience into one brand new product – all with our hallmark data analytics, practical applications and insights. The World Health Organisation studies completed in China and Europe indicate that 89.1% of the COVID-19 patients had fever as the major symptom, so adding a temperature monitor to our wristbands adds a layer of reassurance for guests and organisers alike when activity and businesses resume. The scenarios where this technology can be used are endless; sports, venues, events, factories, schools, hospitals, prisons, public transport, and so on. We also wanted to make sure this product would be available to the masses, so the price point has been a very important consideration for us in the launch of PouchPASS.”

Simple to Use yet Technologically Advanced
The PouchPASS application allows users to monitor one’s body temperature continuously, remotely and with no interpersonal or physical contact. The body temperature data, measured from the wrist bracelet sensor, will automatically be synced in real-time via Bluetooth technology connected to a mobile phone and/or local Bluetooth network. All data will be stored in the Cloud, which can be viewed from the PouchPASS mobile application and/or Dashboard. This solution is applicable to multi-scale situations: from individuals and households to larger scale places such as schools, factories, department stores, airports and any other venue or institution that requires to monitor safety of their staff for health reasons and business continuity. PouchPASS will also save significant man-hours required to take and record temperature several times daily, which is now a standard requirement imposed by many governments.

Rich in data yet 100% Private
Users may decide to enable location services on their mobile phones to share their geolocation with family members and/ or colleagues. When linking the PouchPASS bracelet with the PouchPASS mobile application and/ or a local Bluetooth Network, temperature data can be simultaneously collected and accessed through an online dashboard. Users will have full transparency on which information is being
shared and will also have the ability to change the settings at anytime. Koen Van Geene adds: “There  are privacy concerns about many of the systems out on the market; facial recognition, QR location checkin, tracing applications etc. PouchPASS values your privacy – you are in control of the personal data you share”.

Robust and Durable yet Price Efficient
PouchPASS’ unique intelligent calibration algorithm allows the thermal sensor to generate high-accuracy data measurement. This is the heart of PouchPASS’ robust application system, providing reliability of temperature measurements.

The wrist bracelet’s “sleeve” is made from hypoallergenic silicone and polycarbonates (PC), which gives a smooth surface feel with flexibility, thus making it comfortable to wear. Attached to the bracelet is a removable, Bluetooth (BLE 5.0) beacon with a clinical grade digital temperature sensor.

The attractive bracelet, PouchBAND, comes in 3 sizes: small (11-16cm), medium (15-20cm) and large (18- 23cm). Quantities below 1000 units have a choice of several vibrant stock colours. Larger quantities may be ordered in any colour with custom logo printing. PouchBAND is 100% dust resistant and waterproof – it can be used whilst washing dishes and even showering. The PouchBAND is powered by one  replaceable CR2032 Lithium coin battery which will see users through months of uninterrupted use – no charging required.

PouchBAND Plus bracelet version is also available with RFID microchips, integrating PouchNATION’s traditional NFC features of access control, attendance records, cashless payments, door lockers and vending machine integrations. The NFC upgrade is highly recommended for events, schools and organisations where multiple applications of attendance, meal purchase, event ticketing and entry permissions may be simultaneously implemented.

PouchBAND and PouchBAND Plus will be available at just a few dollars subscription per month per user.

Please visit www.pouchpass.com and leave your email if you would like to be one of the pioneer users of this frontline solution. Attractive early buyer discounts are available for a limited time.

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