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Prime Minister Hun Sen encourages Huawei to enable Cambodia’s digital transformation

On Thursday, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen met Mr. Lin Baifeng, President of Huawei Asia Pacific Region President, at the Peace Palace, Phnom Penh.

The meeting focused on exchanged views on a broad range of topics, including advancing digital infrastructure in Cambodia, cultivation of information and telecommunication technology (ICT) talent, national digital policy etc.

During the meeting, Mr. Lin Baifeng expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for supporting his company for the past 23 years and giving trust to his company and allowing Huawei to participate in the development of ICT industry, cooperation in combating the spread of Covid-19 and other fields.

Mr. Lin Bai Feng said that the digital economy in Cambodia has grown very significantly. Cambodia ranks No.1 in ASEAN countries in term of mobile data usage per subscriber. Moreover, Cambodia has applied ICT in almost all sectors. Huawei is committed to contributing to Cambodia’s development of ICT through the development of human resources, bringing the latest technology to Cambodia, and building the digital infrastructure to connect technologies and people in a safe and reliable manner. Mr. Lin also briefed the Prime Minister on Huawei Group’s latest financial results, global 5G achievements, as well as Huawei’s employment and ICT talent cultivation efforts in Cambodia.

In response, Prime Minister Hun Sen thanked Huawei and Mr. Lin Bai Feng for participating in and contributing to Cambodia’s digital economy development and digital infrastructure modernization. Furthermore, Prime Minister welcomed and encouraged Mr. Lin Bai Feng to continue working with Mr. Chea Vandeth, Minister of Post and Telecommunications, to continue training human resources and to ensure that Cambodia has access to the latest technology that ensures security and sovereignty.

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