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Private hospitals will charge for COVID-19 vaccine shots at a standard price

The Private Hospital Association (PHA) has announced that COVID-19 vaccine shots, provided by private hospitals, will be charged at a standard price, including insurance for any side effects.

PHA president Dr. Chalerm Harnpanich said the reason the price will be set the same nationwide is to get as many people as possible vaccinated, not to make a profit.

As for the manufacturers, the US-based Moderna is in the process of applying for registration with Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), after submitting its application on April 19th.

He said the PHA will gauge the demand for paid vaccinations and inform the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), which purchases the vaccine supplies from manufacturers. The private hospitals should not open vaccination bookings until they secure their supply, to avoid confusion.

Dr. Chalerm said, before the price can be determined, the cost of the vaccine must be known, adding that talks were also being held with insurance firms, and coverage would start right after the first of two doses are administered. The insurance would then be valid for 90 days and would not cost more than 100 baht.

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