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‘Punsuk’ Happy Sharing Pantry

Countries around the world began ‘The Pantry of Sharing’ project to provide basic necessities such as food, both dry and fresh produce, and first aid supplies to those most devastated. Food banks are set up within the community offering essentials for all to share. This idea has also become an increasing phenomenon in Thailand, led by a non-profit volunteer organisation known as ‘The Little Brick’ group. The pop up food banks are called ‘Tu Punsuk’ meaning ‘pantries of sharing’ or ‘community pantries’ with all 77 provinces contributing within their own communities. Not only does it help alleviate those in critical need, but it allows people who are able, to give back to their communities and pull together during these hard times.

The village headman of Koh Samui initiated the project on the island. John Dopere, Director of Samujana, and Khun Nui, Director of Finance, loved the idea and wanted Samujana to be part of this great community cause.

Our team donates to a community pantry in the local Choeng Mon area twice a week. On Mondays we offer an assortment of fresh produce, mostly fruits and vegetables. On Fridays we provide dry goods such as rice, instant noodles, canned foods, eggs, milk, juices etc. People can come to the pantry at any time and take a couple of items of choice. The idea is to take only what you need, so everyone can share.
Samujana has now been contributing to this project since the beginning of May 2021. We are really delighted to be able to give a little happiness and support to our local community.

Samujana is a luxury villa resort in Koh Samui, Thailand. Villas have a dedicated team of managers and staff who are well-versed in looking after people and are now in a position to use their ties with the local community to help those most in need. Unlike many other developments, Samujana is not owned or controlled by an international property or resort group, which has meant that the management team and staff could react quickly to provide local support. John Dopéré and his team are looking at how else they can further help, whilst also supporting the health and wellbeing of their residents.

For further information about our villas at Samujana, feel free to email us at reservations@samujana.com or call +66 (0) 77 423 465. Our friendly team is always ready to welcome you.

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