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R-HAAN is all about celebrating the amazing food and culture of Thailand

Chef Chumpol is committed to source only the freshest and finest of ingredients, enhanced by his art of seasoning, impeccable presentation and stellar service, all that embodies the core essence and the Wisdom of Thai Cuisine.

Located in the charming neighbourhood of Thonglor in Bangkok. R-HAAN restaurant serves the most authentic dishes of the local tradition, capturing the scent, taste, and feel of the best food from Thailand. However, this fine establishment adds a unique twist and their own spin to some of the most amazing classic Thai recipes.

The restaurant has a nice, direct and welcoming atmosphere, which is perfect for couples and groups alike. Smaller groups are welcome to the authentic decorated, luxurious private function room.

There are many exciting dishes on the menu, but some of the most exciting highlights include seasonal recipes, made with the best local ingredients. For some evergreen favorites, don’t miss out on the Royal Thai Samrub Eak experience!

The restaurant’s service is attentive and polite, with servers always ready to answer questions about the dishes, and respectfully serve customers in a timely manner.

From fresh vegetables, premium meats, colorful aromas, and vibrant spices, R-HAAN is highly committed to working with nothing but the best ingredients, creating dishes that are excellent in every respect – from conception to plating. This way, the dedicated team at R-HAAN can ensure a fabulous dining experience, allowing guests to truly feel the heartwarming, genuine touch of authentic Thai food in a welcoming environment.

R-HAAN is all about celebrating the amazing food and culture of Thailand, which have been proudly passed on from generation to generation, and they keep living on to this day, as the entire world is now in love with Thai food as an incredible expression of culture and love for all the genuine things in life.

If a meal means more to you than just filling your belly, R-HAAN is the place for you.

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