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Rabbit Life celebrates commitment to excellence, hosting ‘Agency Annual Awards 2023’ charting course for 2024 to reinforce nationwide network

 Rabbit Life Insurance (Rabbit Life) strides forward to enrich its business landscape by propelling the growth of its life insurance agent network with unwavering vigour. The recent event of the Rabbit Life Agency Annual Awards 2023 stands as a testament to this commitment, marking a grand celebration to unveil the distinguished accolades of the year. The event was a tribute to the exemplary achievements of unit managers and life insurance agents who attained the prestigious Top of The Year 2023 qualifications, comprising four distinguished levels and a total of 52 awards. This occasion serves as a cornerstone of the driving force behind the continuous strides in business expansion, with a strategic focus on nationwide office network and agent coverage expansion by over 50%, accompanied by a steadfast dedication to nurturing agent capabilities. This concerted effort reaffirms Rabbit Life’s overarching vision of Think differently to improve your life with a life insurance that hedge your bets and provides simplified solutions.

Mr Korn Chinsawananon, Managing Director of Rabbit Life Insurance, expressed, “In 2024, Rabbit Life Insurance remains steadfast in its commitment to conducting business under the vision of Think differently to improve your life with a life insurance that hedge your bets and provides simplified solutions. Our focus remains on the development of diverse product formats to cater to consumer needs, coupled with an unwavering dedication to elevating service quality. The strategic expansion of our agent network serves as a cornerstone in reinforcing our company’s strength. This year, we have laid out plans for nationwide office and agent expansion, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all regions to facilitate seamless access and service connectivity. We maintain a firm focus on promoting and enhancing the capabilities of our life insurance agents, a key aspect that we continuously emphasize to maximize efficiency in delivering top-notch services and products to our valued customers.”

Ms Theerada Kumnerdmoh, Chief Agency Officer at Rabbit Life Insurance, added, “The remarkable growth of the life insurance industry owes much to the invaluable contributions and relentless efforts of our unit managers and life insurance agents. Their unwavering dedication, time investment, and consistent outstanding performances throughout the year have been instrumental. We truly appreciated and congratulations to those honored with the prestigious Top of The Year 2023 qualifications, encompassing four levels and 52 awards. These accolades symbolize their remarkable success and serve as a beacon of inspiration to our agents, who continually strive for personal growth and relentless pursuit of excellence.”

For the latest updates on activities, news, and promotions, visit the Rabbit Life website at https://www.rabbitlife.co.th.

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