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Rattinan & FICO Team Up for Wellness Destination in Thailand

Rattinan Medical Center@TownHall 49Rattinan Medical Center, a premier aesthetic medical centre in the Asia-Pacific region, has partnered with FICO Group, a key player in the hotel and commercial real estate sector, to create an innovative hospital that offers comprehensive and integrated care with the highest quality standards.

The two companies recently announced their partnership and launched the Rattinan Medical Center as a one-stop wellness destination at the Town Hall Sukhumvit 49. The centre is expected to open in 2024, marking a significant milestone in the centre’s journey to becoming a world-class hospital that provides high-quality medical and aesthetic care.

Rattinan Medical Center: A Leading Aesthetic Medical Center in the Asia-Pacific Region

Rattinan Medical Center has been providing excellent medical services for over 24 years. The clinic was established in 1999 as Rattinan Clinic and evolved and refined its services over the years, building a reputation for exceptional plastic surgical procedures and excellent treatment outcomes. The clinic was eventually rebranded as Rattinan Medical Center, a well-known aesthetic medical centre in the Asia-Pacific region.

FICO Group and Rattinan Medical Center Partnership

Rattinan Medical Center@TownHall 49
Rattinan Medical Center@TownHall 49

FICO Group is a leading player in the hotel and commercial real estate sector. The company has invested over 3 billion Baht in the Town Hall Sukhumvit 49 project, a mixed-use development comprising residential buildings, office spaces, a shopping centre, and a wellness destination named Rattinan Medical Center. The prime location of the project offers easy access to important business areas, hospitals, public parks, and other lifestyle amenities, making it a convenient and complete living experience for city dwellers. The partnership between Rattinan Medical Center and FICO Group marks a major step in the growth of both organizations, creating new investment opportunities in the fast-growing health and beauty industries, particularly in the field of medical tourism.

Thai Government and Medical Tourism

The Thai government has recently declared a policy to position the country as a hub for medical tourism, making the partnership between Rattinan Medical Center and FICO Group even more significant. Additionally, the Medical Tourism Association ranked Thailand’s medical tourism industry among the top 5 in the world in 2021, highlighting the country’s readiness to accommodate all aspects of wellness tourism, including cosmetic surgery. This recognition is expected to drive the economy and generate significant income for Thailand.

Rattinan Medical Center’s Success Factors

Rattinan Medical Center’s success can be attributed to its business values and core principles in delivering medical services, including:

Expertise: Providing world-class medical care with the latest technology and equipment, performed by specialized and highly skilled medical teams.

Quality and Safety: Achieving the highest quality standards globally, certified by the AACI (American Accreditation Commission International) as the first Ambulatory Plastic Surgical Center in the Asia-Pacific region to be accredited by AACI.

Evolution: Continuously training and educating staff on the latest medical advancements and trends to ensure the delivery of cutting-edge services and care.

Partnership: Collaborating with partners and stakeholders to enhance the centre’s capabilities and services, and provide innovative solutions to the changing needs of clients.

The Future of Rattinan Medical Center and Medical Tourism

Rattinan Medical Center’s partnership with FICO Group is a significant step in the centre’s journey to becoming a world-class hospital for aesthetic and medical care. The centre’s new one-stop wellness destination is expected to attract high-end to mid-range customers, both local and foreign, seeking world-class medical and aesthetic services. Medical tourism is a growing trend, with more people opting for medical check-ups and cosmetic surgeries while travelling, particularly among foreign tourists. Rattinan Medical Center’s partnership with FICO Group is expected to cater to the growing medical requirements of tourists.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)






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