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ReallycoolGO to offer innovative, customized experiences for travelers

ReallycoolGO, the online travel platform, announces a new approach to creative customized travel with its packages designed to stimulate the domestic travel industry.ReallycoolGO was founded in 2018 by Patee Sarasin, former CEO of Nok Air, with the goal of curating the best in travel, both locally and abroad. The Company offers an individualized approach to travel by designing packages according to travelers’ interests and demographics, such as romance, adventure, family, solo vs. group travel, and so on.

And beginning early next year, ReallycoolGO will offer fun-seeking travelers a number of creative packages to let them experience Thai destinations in a brand new way. With many more packages in development, the first phase of travel experiences includes these highlights:

  • Night Jet Ski on Chaopraya River, dinner and free photographer included
  • IG Addiction – 3 Days 2 Nights at the Sala Samui Chaweng, free photographer included
  • Dancing with dolphins – guests can swim with dolphins, play hoops, sing, dance, and take pictures with the dolphins, free photographer included

Many of the travel packages will be exclusive to ReallycoolGO customers, who will also have access to “mini experiences” that offer fun escapes when time is limited. As for customers accustomed to booking hotels separately, ReallycoolGO will offer that flexibility as well.

CEO Patee Sarasin says that “This Covid period is certainly a challenge for all of us in the travel business. Given the fact that the international travel scene has been unavailable in the past year and probably still will be for some time into early 2021, ReallycoolGO would like to introduce the first phase of our vision to launch domestic travels in a different way. Travelers today are more selective in choosing the way they travel, for example they may be looking for a feeling of safety in smaller groups. At ReallycoolGO, we carefully select our trips to meet each customer’s expectations depending on what they are looking for in their travels.”

The ReallycoolGO travel platform (www.reallyreally-cool.com) will allow customers to book all aspects of their travel experience, tailoring it to their preferences and personalities. Set for full integration and launch in the first quarter of 2021, the ReallycoolGO travel experience platform will focus initially on the Thai market, and will expand globally later in the year once the COVID vaccine has been distributed.

Patee emphasizes that there is much more to come later in 2021, especially when international travel loosens up: “This first wave of the ReallycoolGO application can be thought of as service with a difference — to make sure that traveling with us always comes with the word “cool” attached. And if you think these packages are pretty cool, just wait until when the world opens up. Lots more “cool things” can be expected from us.”

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