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Revolutionary Mantis Dish Ignites Canggu’s Culinary Scene!

Khao Soi - A Journey of Taste through Northern Thailand.Nestled on the lively Batu Bolong street of Canggu, a beacon of Southeast Asian culinary innovation emerges. Mantis, a restaurant celebrated for its daring culinary exploits, has once again pushed the boundaries of flavour and experience. With the introduction of Khao Soi, a creamy Northern Thai curry that is as complex as it is comforting, Mantis invites patrons on a culinary journey that transcends borders.

The brainchild of a visionary group of young Indonesians, Mantis has carved a niche in the competitive landscape of Canggu’s dining scene. The restaurant’s design, a vibrant collaboration with the esteemed Brian Gondo of Gondo-Jules Co, encapsulates the essence of a fun summer vibe. Its open façade welcomes diners into a world where colours pop, and flavours explode, setting the stage for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

At the heart of Mantis’ menu lies Khao Soi, a dish that encapsulates the soul of Northern Thailand. Crafted with tender beef short ribs and a coconut broth that sings with subtlety and depth, this dish is a testament to the culinary prowess of Head Chef Naldi Budhyarto. Applying classical French techniques to Southeast Asian flavours, Budhyarto has created an innovative and authentic menu. The Seafood Khao Soi, the latest addition to this culinary lineup, weaves succulent seafood and fragrant coconut curry prawn broth, crowned with crispy fried noodles and fresh accents of mustard greens and lime.

Mantis Unveils Khao Soi - A Culinary Journey through North Thailand.
Mantis Unveils Khao Soi – A Culinary Journey through North Thailand.

This commitment to culinary excellence has not gone unnoticed. Food enthusiasts and critics alike have lauded Mantis as a must-visit destination in Canggu and across Bali. The restaurant’s ability to consistently deliver dishes that are both novel and deeply rooted in tradition speaks to a broader cultural appreciation for Southeast Asian cuisine.

The upcoming Sunday Noodle event, hosted by Club Soda on February 25th, 2024, presents an exciting opportunity for food lovers to experience Mantis’ offerings in a new light. As part of the Locavore Group’s ongoing commitment to fostering community among food enthusiasts, this event promises to celebrate diversity, creativity, and culinary artistry.

Mantis stands as a testament to the power of food to bring people together, inspire and transform. Its success goes beyond the plates served; it lies in the memories created, the stories shared, and the community built around a shared love for great food. As Mantis continues to chart its course in the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Canggu, one thing remains clear: the journey is just as important as the destination.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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