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Salmon’s Journey- From the Cold Clear Waters of Norway to ZEN Japanese Restaurant

ZEN Japanese Restaurant use only the finest and freshest salmon from the cold clear waters of Norway. Fresh salmon is a Japanese cooking staple, which is why Zen has conceptualised 3 menus highlighting the ‘Salmon’s Journey’ from Norway to their restaurant in Thailand.


The presentation of this dish is inspired by Japan’s legendary Shinkansen train, also known as the Bullet train. Consisting of 15 pieces of maki sushi, it’s a tasty dish at a great price. 3 pieces of premium quality salmon are unseasoned allowing you to savour the fillets natural flavours. 3 more are lightly grilled and topped with shrimp and egg. Then there’s 6 salmon rolls dressed in a divine avocado sauce and topped with salmon eggs. Lastly the Shinkansen train concept is completed with 3 pieces of sweet Tamako sushi.

Try Zen’s TOKYO SALMON DON 220 Baht

Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, is one of the most chaotic and vibrant places in the world and this dish represents that.

A flavoursome rice bowl with thick juicy salmon fillets coated in a yummy eel sauce. Some pieces are prepared Kabayaki style and garnished with white sesame. Side dishes include avocado, soybeans, and pickled ginger to name a few.


Osaka Salmon Salad, a zesty dish full of fresh vegetables herbs and delicate spices. Green oak, red oak, pumpkin, lettuce, red and green kaiso, Japanese cucumber, cherry tomato and Japanese soy beans all compliment the dishes main event, a delicious piece of salmon. The dish is topped off with a fresh sesame dressing.

For those who likes the deliciousness with stories created, don’t forget to try a special “Salmon’s Journey” Available now until 30 April 2019 at all ZEN Japanese restaurants.

In addition, ZEN Restaurant also have the activity for everyone to join with ZENxNOK SCOOT by take a photo of you with any menu in Salmon’s Journey campaign and post on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #SalmonJourney #ZENxNokScoot #กินปลาแซลมอนที่เซ็นพร้อมไปญี่ปุ่นกับNokScoot to win the NOK Scoot ticket to Japan and ZEN gift voucher every week from 15 March to 25 April 2019. For more information please follow Facebook: www.facebook.com/Zenjapaneserestaurant/ Instagram: @Zen_restaurant and Line: @Zenrestaurant

*Please check the conditions at Facebook: www.facebook.com/Zenjapaneserestaurant/ and all ZEN Restaurants.

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