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Samujana helps the hungry in Koh Samui community

Staff volunteers from Thai villa estate, Samujana on Koh Samui, have rallied together this week to provide essential support in the form of nutritious meals, water and homemade face shields local villages desperately in need and to Koh Samui Hospital to support doctors and nurses that are working around the clock. This week the Samujana team partnered with the Village Chief, Khun Vitaya to bring 150 meals of Thai ‘Moo/Kai Pad Krapow’ (rice with pork or chicken), as well as 200 bottles of water to disadvantaged people living in the villages of Plai Laem and Bophut, where many have lost their jobs and are going hungry. By next week they plan to increase this to 250 meals that they’ll serve to locals at least three times a week.

Nearby at Koh Samui Hospital, 150 homemade face shields along with 300 food boxes and bottles of water have been delivered to everyone working tirelessly to care for their patients at the island’s public hospital. The hope is to increase this to 200 face shields next week, with more if possible.

‘We want to help provide for the hungry and those in need, in any small way we can. Having worked in hospitality for over 30 years, my team and I want to care for people and provide support to the Koh Samui community. We are so pleased to partner with local philanthropist Khun Vitaya to deliver essential support at this time of need. The smiles on the parents and children’s faces are the biggest reward anyone can ask for!’ said John Dopéré, General Manager at Samujana.

According to Thailand’s National Covid-19 Coronavirus Disease Management Centre, there are 2,423 cases reported in the nation so far, with a death toll of 32. The Thai government has introduced a nationwide strict night-time curfew policy from 10pm to 4am to help curb the spread of the virus. This week Koh Samui has gone into lockdown to help support the fight against Covid-19, with all arrivals into the island banned until the end of April. With over 1.5 million+ jobs lost so far in Thailand, and islands such as Koh Samui heavily reliant on the tourism and hospitality industry, the staff at Samujana want to help provide for those in need.

Samujana is a pre-eminent, owner-managed gated estate in Koh Samui with an international reputation for its twenty-seven stunning, expansive villas for sale, and rent from one to eight bedrooms. Villas have a dedicated team of managers and staff who are well-versed in looking after people and are now in a position to use their ties with the local community to help those most in need. Unlike many other developments, Samujana is not owned or controlled by an international property or resort group, which has meant that the management team and staff could react quickly to provide local support. John Dopéré and his team are looking at how else they can further help, whilst also supporting the health and wellbeing of their residents.

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