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Save Big with Tops LOCKED PRICE X TAXI METER: 35 Baht Fare!

Tops, a food retail business under Central Retail, is set to revolutionize savings and value with the launch of their groundbreaking initiative, ‘Tops LOCKED PRICE X TAXI METER.’ Pioneering the concept of locking taxi meter prices, commuters can now enjoy a fixed fare of only 35 baht for their entire journey. This move reinforces Tops’ leadership in assisting Thai people in curbing expenses and easing the burden of living costs. As part of the extensive ‘Tops LOCKED PRICE’ campaign aimed at reducing and stabilizing consumer product prices, this activity guarantees consistent affordability for an entire year. A fleet of 10 locked-price taxis is now operational, covering extensive routes in Bangkok and its surrounding regions. Consumers can experience the value firsthand from today until May 26, 2023.

For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook fan page at TopsThailand, or download the application @TopsThailand.

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