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Scarlett Bangkok Debuts J’Adore Mont d’Or: A Royal Cheese Delight!

Scarlett Bangkok launches J’Adore Mont D’Or for its bimonthly promotion, this season’s finest cheese, beloved by King Louis XV of France.

Mont D’or, or Vacherin du Haut-Doubs, originating from the picturesque Jura region of
France, has long been celebrated for its velvety texture and distinct, rich flavours. Scarlett
Bangkok is set to transport diners on a delectable journey through the French Alps with this
exquisite cheese. The cheese, available seasonally from September to April, is
characterized by its creamy consistency, making it a standout addition to the restaurant’s
repertoire of fine ingredients.

Guests at Scarlett Bangkok are invited to indulge in the nuanced flavours of Mont D’or
through a curated bi-monthly menu. From appetizers that tease the palate to decadent main courses, each dish is designed to showcase the versatility and indulgence of the Mont D’or.

“The Mont D’or is a true gem, and we are delighted to present it at Scarlett Bangkok. Its
unique flavour profile and characteristics perfectly aligns with our commitment to offering an unparalleled dining experience that captures the essence of French cuisine,” shared Chef
Sylvain Royer, Co-Founder, Managing Director & Chef De Cuisine of R&B Lab.

Gloriously oozy and delightfully funky, Scarlett Bangkok is serving Mont D’Or in six dreamy
ways. Available from now till end of February 2024.
1. Persillade | THB 1,250++
2. Tartiflette | THB 1,350++
3. Parma Ham | THB 1,450++
4. Pork Knuckle | THB 1,550++
5. Truffle | THB 1,650++
6. Montbeliard Sausage and Lard Diot | THB 1,950++

For bookings, guests can call 096 860 7990, message the restaurant on LINE
(http://bitly.ws/zaVd) or make a reservation via Chope.

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