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Secrets Of Central Java – Temples, Arts & Islands

LUXE by EXO, the boutique luxury brand of EXO Travel, today announced the launch of a captivating 10-day journey through Indonesia’s lush Central Java province. 

Delving into the rich arts scene of Yogyakarta, exploring ancient history at Prambanan Temple and Borobudur, and escaping to the coral-fringed shores of  Menyawakan Island, this luxury Secrets of Central Java tour provides an unforgettable showcase of the region’s myriad charms. 


  • Expert insider ‘guides’: an archaeologist, renowned artists, a Buddhist monk, a respected local chef and more
  • Luxury accommodation and transfers, plus indulgent extras such as a massage at Mesa Stila, Losari
  • An idyllic island stay at Kura Kura Resort, complete with the option for a once-in-a-lifetime castaway experience

In each destination, the tour delights with exclusive cultural activities and rare local encounters. An archeologist lends professional insights to an enlightening tour of Prambanan, while a Borobudur experience is followed by personalised meditation with a Buddhist monk. In Yogyakarta, renowned local artists provide private gallery tours, while two batik experts lead a hands-on workshop in their craft. At the end of the tour, a stay at the Kura Kura Resort comes with the option of an exclusive castaway experience on a nearby deserted island.

“Central Java is a fascinating province, and this tour captures what makes it so special,” says Director of LUXE by EXO Maeve Nolan. “Through thoughtful, one-of-a-kind activities, guests can uncover the ‘secrets’ of local arts, history and culture, while a boutique stay on Menyawakan Island pampers them with the ultimate in luxury tropical getaways.”

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