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SENA joins forces with Huawei to build green community for long-term sustainability; providing special promotion ‘Free x3’ campaign with 21 housing projects

SENA, which has 21 house and townhome projects, is organizing a special campaign: ‘DETAILS FOR BETTER LIVING – think more carefully to live sustainably’ and is collaborating with Huawei to launch a special promotion, including: free x3, Huawei Smart TV, and discounts up to 700,000 baht, worth up to 800,000 baht in total from today until August 31, 2022.

Ms. Kessara Thanyalakpark, Managing Director, SENA Development plc (SENA), Thailand’s leading real estate developer and the first developer to provide a complete full solar-panel system project, said: “SENA has been focused on developing a green society in our projects, including the adoption of innovative technology, electricity generation in common areas, and installing EV stations including household EV chargers to support EV cars for the future. SENA projects are currently equipped with solar-power in more than 700 houses, accounting for over 2,000 kilowatts of power generation. All SENA’s projects are developed with the adoption of Environment Social Governance (ESG) principles and provide services together with social and environmental care to aim for sustainable business development under the concept of ‘Made From Her, think more carefully, stay more comfortably’, with attention at every step into making a difference in both products and services. In addition, SENA has been applying technology to design with environmentally-friendly high-quality materials because SENA believes that details will help us deliver the best products and services for our customers.”

Huawei established its Digital Power Business in Thailand last year in order to support Thailand’s carbon neutrality goal. Huawei currently delivers over 2.4 gigawatts of Smart Inverter solutions, serving more than 1,000 customers and partners with the best energy costs (LCOE). Overall, Huawei has the potential to produce clean energy at a rate of 6.18 billion kWh per hour and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6.16 million tons. It is estimated that in 2021, more than 40,000 households were installed with solar inverters.

Mr. Logan Yu, President of Huawei Thailand Digital Power Business, on the collaboration between Huawei and SENA Development plc, said: “Huawei sees Thailand’s serious commitment to becoming a carbon neutral country and Huawei will support Thailand’s sustainable goals by bringing digital power technology, advanced solutions, and building partnerships with partners in various industries in a comprehensive manner. This collaboration truly combines each partner’s expertise. Huawei is in the leading position in technology and innovation, especially in digital power solutions, while SENA is a leading real estate developer. Together, we are able to develop residential projects that utilize clean energy on a wider level to support green development, and to boost the solar market along with Thailand’s EV industry.”

“Nowadays, more households in Thailand are shifting to use solar roof solutions in order to save on their electricity bills. Market trends indicate that by the end of 2022, over 80,000 households will install solar panels on rooftops to help reduce electricity costs. Consumers will not only save on their electricity costs significantly but also receive Huawei’s efficient and reliable inverter solutions, which will help support the country’s low-carbon development mission,” he added.

SENA recently co-created a special campaign called ‘Details for Better Living, Think More Carefully to Live Sustainably’ to highlight the concept of sustainable residence development with global partners, Huawei, the leader in solar energy innovation, joining forces to reduce pollution and carbon emissions into the atmosphere (net-zero carbon), to help support Thai people with easier access to clean energy, and to collectively reduce global warming. SENA has introduced Huawei’s technologies into residential projects such as the Smart PV Inverter, which converts energy from DC to AC, and PID Recovery to restore efficiency and reduce the deterioration of solar panels, as well as the AFCI function to prevent fire by cutting automatic cycles, in SENA’s residential projects. For more information about Huawei Digital Power and Solar (PV) from Huawei, please visit: Facebook: Huawei Digital Power Thailand and LINE OA: @HuaweiDPTH to learn more about Huawei Thailand Digital Power Business and follow the latest news.

In addition, the Green MORE! FREE MORE! special promotion has been launched by SENA and Huawei. Customers who purchase detached houses, semi-detached houses, or townhouses in 21 new participating projects from today until August 31, 2022 will receive free x3, which includes a Huawei Solar roof, Huawei Smart TV, and 1% interest discount for the first year and a discount of up to 700,000 baht, with a total value of up to 800,000 baht. The projects with this special promotion are: SENA Grand Home Rangsit – Tiwanon, SENA Park Grand Ramintra – Km.9, SENA Park Ville Ramintra – Wongwaen, SENA Ville Lumlukka – Klong 6, SENA Ville Borommaratchachonnani – Sai 5, SENA Village Rangsit – Tiwanon, SENA Village Ramintra – Km.9, SENA Vela Teparak – Bang Bo, SENA Viva Petchkasem – Phutthamonthon Sai 7, SENA Avenue1 Rangsit – Khlong 1, SENA Avenue Rattanathibet – Bang Bua Thong, SENA Avenue Bangpakong – Ban Pho, SENA Village Rattanathibet – Bang Bua Thong, SENA Vela Rangsit – Khlong 1, SENA Viva Wongwaen – Bang Bua Thong, SENA Viva Rattanathibet – Bang Bua Thong, SENA Vela Sirisothon, SENA Viva Sriracha – Assumption. Prices run from 2.19 to 12 million baht.

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