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Seven more COVID-19 cases confirmed in Thailand

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health has confirmed 7 more COVID-19 cases, comprising mostly group patients and those who had close contact with the previous confirmed cases of party goers and those returning from abroad.

The Ministry updated the COVID-19 situation in Thailand today, with 7 additional confirmed infections.

The first group had close contact with the previous 11 infected party-goers, who contracted COVID-19 in a pub in Bangkok. The 76th confirmed case is a lady aged 63, and mother of one of the party-goers.

The second group are cases no.77 to 80, the family of a lady aged 57, who recently returned from Japan. The lady arrived in Bangkok on 2nd March and developed a fever on 4th of March. The infection spread to her daughter aged 30, son in law aged 33 and niece aged 4. Their symptoms started to appear on 9th March.

Case 81 is a student aged 20, who returned from Japan on 14th of February. Symptoms appeared on 27th, and they stayed home, but did not improve. On 11th of March the student was confirmed to have COVID-19.

Case 82 is a man aged 41, an actor and a boxing gym owner. He noticed the symptoms on 11th March, and had a history of contact with friends from abroad. He is currently being treated at Rajavithi Hospital.

Those in close contact with these patients are being traced, tested and closely monitored. The medical team has received good cooperation from the patients.

As of 14th of March, Thailand has had 82 confirmed cases of COVID-19, of which 35 have recovered, 46 are in hospital, and 1 died.

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