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Sexy Cow, the Ultimate Dining Experience with Prime Steak & Seafood in Langsuan

Langsuan-based Sexy Cow, known for its tender premium grain-fed beef steaks and succulent seafood, has a memorable experience in store for the discerning diner.

Sexy Cow has built a reputation for serving outstanding premium-grade beef imported from Australia: striploin, tenderloin, ribeye, and tomahawk. The restaurant’s creative fusion menu meets the expectations of savvy foodies in the mood for a unique dining experience. While seafood connoisseurs can look forward to fresh Canadian lobsters, tiger prawns, giant scallops, mussels, and other imported fish. Diners can add to their experience with a variety of pasta and pizza options and end the meal on a sweet note with a delightful dessert.

Khun Chotiwit Taechaubol, Chief Executive Officer of JCK Hospitality Public Company Limited and founder of Sexy Cow, explains, “Sexy Cow offers a menu of premium-grade beef to meet the needs of urbanites who love high-quality meat but at reasonable prices. We also have a selection of delicious, high-quality seafood sourced from Thailand and around the world. Using the freshest of ingredients, our fusion cooking style guarantees a delicious experience every single time, separating us from other restaurants. We also cater to those who do not eat meat, so they too can enjoy a delightful meal. Diners can also choose from our range of pastas and pizzas created from our special recipes. Creations that can only be found at Sexy Cow.”

“Besides, we use ingredients key to enhancing the flavor of the steak, like the five different types of salt on offer – two homemade smoked salts, Hawaiian salt, Himalayan salt, and black salt. Our staff are also on-hand to assist meat lovers in understanding better how to enjoy the meat by explaining the different cuts and the seasonings. All of this is designed to enhance and elevate the dining experience. We want to introduce the new generation of diners to an experience they can make their own. A place where they can learn to choose their style of steak, have new experiences, and explore flavors of our premium grade steaks.”

Adds Khun Chotiwit, “One of the goals of Sexy Cow is to provide a premium and relaxing dining experience to the meat lover and also those who do not eat meat, so friends can dine together and share a great experience. There is also a cocktail bar to round out the experience, making Sexy Cow the perfect new alternative destination for meat lovers and non-meat eaters alike who are looking for something new, with a premium and luxurious atmosphere in the Langsuan area.”

Head chef Eak Apichit Puangkajorn, the man behind Sexy Cow’s creative menu, has more than 12 years of professional experience in the industry. Elaborating on the menu, he says, “Beef is the highlight of this restaurant. We only select premium grade beef from Australia that is 270 days old, ensuring the best quality. We have four cuts of meats to choose from ­– striploin, tenderloin, rib eye, and tomahawk – that are aged for four weeks minimum before being cooked. We also use the French sous vide technique to prepare our grain-fed beef, thus ensuring that every piece of meat is consistent in quality and rich in flavor. We also have our own special custom iron grill grate for grilling beef to absolute perfection. By dividing each part of the grill into different temperature zones, we can better use the strength of the fire to maximize the Maillard reaction, resulting in the desired level of cooking and enhancing the smoky aroma. This attention to detail separates Sexy Cow from other meat restaurants.”

Chef Eak started his career at 18 in a Japanese kitchen, perfecting the demanding style of the cuisine. He then spent years learning the art of Italian cooking. Asked about his cooking philosophy, Chef Ek says, “My idea is to continually innovate and create menus that meet the needs of today’s customers who want to taste new things while preserving the flavor of high-end ingredients. Quality control is essential, and we take it very seriously here. We ensure that every dish served is 100 per cent perfect, every single time.”

Sexy Cow signatures

Two Sexy Cow signatures are the Wagyu Tomahawk Beef and the Sexy Cow Sea Food Platter. The premium 360-day grain-fed Wagyu Tomahawk Beef is aged 45 days before being grilled on charcoal at the perfect temperature to seal in the juices enhancing the flavor and aroma of the tender, succulent beef. The tomahawk is available in different sizes, starting at one kilogram. The Sexy Cow Sea Food Platter showcases perfectly grilled fresh Canadian lobsters (displayed in front of the restaurant), tiger prawns, giant scallops and mussels, all served with Sexy Cow signature spicy sauce: Singapore Sauce.

The must-try Meat Platter features three premium-grade imported cuts of beef and Australian lamb ribs. Sexy Cow’s meat is aged for four weeks to tenderize the meat and concentrate the flavors before putting it on the specially made grill. The cuts featured are striploin, tenderloin, and ribeye. The tenderloin is perfect for those who prefer lean meats. The lambchops – specially selected two lamb ribs – are served with five types of salt.

A signature pasta dish underlining the Sexy Cow philosophy is Crab Tagliolini. Fresh homemade pasta is served in a saffron sauce (the most expensive spice in the world) with chunks of succulent crab meat; Thai diners can ask that chili be added for heat. Another standout is the Truffle Risotto cooked in real French butter with Italian morel mushrooms adding a unique nutty and earthy flavor. Parmesan cheese rounds off the rice dish topped with seasonal truffle slices.

Seasonal specials at Sexy Cow add to the dining adventure. The current specials feature Wagyu Short Rib and imported Australian beef ribeye cooked sous vide for 24 hours before being charcoal grilled and wood smoked. Both served with a delicious teriyaki sauce, grilled cos lettuce and fries.

End the meal on a sweet note with a choice of desserts. The Panna Cotta, an Italian specialty, gets a unique rosemary makeover. This luscious cream and Greek yogurt combination is paired with lychee granita, a raspberry-rose sauce and fresh berries (blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries). The 7 Layers Black Forest, a layered chocolate confection, is another must-eat. The bottom layer is crunchy chocolate, next is a chocolate chiffon cake, followed by raspberry jelly and then layers of 70 percent dark chocolate, milk chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse. Finishing it off is a chocolate glaze and a topping of berries. Every spoonful must feature a bit of each layer for the complete experience.

Sexy Cow is on the ground floor of The Millennia Tower, Lang Suan Alley, open daily for lunch and dinner. For inquiries and reservations, please call 082-924-4014 or email info@sexycowrestaurant.com. Follow all special, promotional and updated news on their Facebook page: SexyCow BKK and on the website: https://sexycowrestaurant.com/

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