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Siam Piwat showcases a new retail model of the future under the vision “Co-creation and Creating Shared Value” for sustainability with “Ecotopia,” the First and Biggest Leading Eco-Lifestyle Destination in Asia

As a result of the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses across the globe, every organization needs to quickly develop and elevate its operation to cater to new needs arising from changes in consumers’ behaviour and lifestyles. In response, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., the owner and operator of Thailand’s prestigious retail properties – Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery and a joint venture partners of ICONSIAM, is revolutionizing the retail industry with an innovative retail model, under the vision of “Co-creation and Creating Shared Value” which will foster a retail ecosystem that ensures sustainable, mutual success and happiness for all parties, from consumers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to communities, society, and the country as a whole.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a heightened awareness of sustainable living, prompting people across the world to change their behaviour, become more health-conscious, and minimize their environmental impact. For this reason, Siam Piwat is introducing    a new retail model that is founded upon the collaboration of leaders across different fields,                 the brainstorms, and the creation of sustainable living. This very model is brought to life in Ecotopia — the first and biggest leading eco-lifestyle destination in Asia. Ecotopia is                           co-created through the collaborative power of 12 leading ‘Eco Co-Creators’ who are bona fide of green living and the young generations. It is a city for all eco-conscious lovers who share the belief that “Together, We Co-Create a Better World,” as well as an eco-community that introduces green lifestyles that can improve quality of life for all and contribute value to others. The 2,000 sq.m. area houses over 300 brands of eco-friendly and health-oriented products that cater to every aspect of sustainable living and the new normal innovative lifestyle, located  on the 3rd Floor of Siam Discovery, the Exploratorium. Siam Discovery has been recognized by Thai and international visitors as a global destination and has also won accolades that no other Thai shopping malls have ever received, including the World Retail Awards for Store Design of the Year and the VIVA Award for Design and Development from the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Ecotopia consists of eight major zones: 1) Hygienic Zone features a variety of household products, including cleaning products made from natural ingredients or biodegradable materials; 2) Zero Waste Zone, a refillery where customers can bring their own containers to refill their everyday products and food items to reduce waste; 3) Green Zone, the largest hub for air-purifying plants and gardening equipment in downtown Bangkok; 4) Healthy Zone, offers healthy food made from carefully-sourced, natural, organic, and chemical-free ingredients;                 5) Beautiful Zone features a diverse selection of organic skincare and personal care products, all made from natural extracts, chemical-free ingredients and not tested on animals;                                  6) Up-cycled Zone showcases products imbued with renewed value through recycling; 7) Stylish Zone, consists of a fashion section featuring items made from organic cotton and fabric scraps and a clothing swap corner where previously owned clothes can be exchanged for new garments; and 8) Kind Zone highlights local handicrafts from natural materials that help generate incomes for local communities. Each zone has been designed in such a way that enables everyone to cordially take part in co-creating a better world.

Furthermore, to cater to the new normal lifestyle, Ecotopia delivers eco-innovative shopping experiences through iPad-enabled storytelling that allows visitors to learn more about the green products and QR codes that afford a convenient, cashierless shopping experience. Customers can also shop online via LINE Official Account: Onesiam.

To reaffirm its position as a community of people who are interested in co-creating and adopting a new way of life, Ecotopia regularly organizes a wide array of eco-friendly workshops, where, for instance, participants can learn how to transform waste into creative art, make beverages from natural ingredients, use natural dyes made with local ingredients, and do organic gardening. To follow the latest updates, please visit Facebook Page: Ecotopia Thailand.

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