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Siemens Healthineers showcased its AI-powered innovation “Patient Twinning” for precision therapy at HMA 2022

Siemens Healthineers unveiled its latest AI-powered innovation, “Patient Twinning”, a groundbreaking innovation to visualize human organs in a digital space and simulate the organs’ reactions to therapy, which will aid healthcare practitioners to provide optimal medication.

This innovation, along with other AI technologies from the company, are undergoing rapid development.

Mr. Björn Bodenstein, Managing Director of Siemens Healthineers in Thailand said that “Siemens Healthineers, as a leading medical innovation provider from Germany, has the goal of pioneering breakthroughs in healthcare for everyone, everywhere. We are focused on delivering high-value care by digitalizing healthcare, while giving insight through Artificial Intelligence. Our latest AI-powered innovation, “Patient Twinning”, is taking the healthcare industry to a whole new level with its ability to replicate individual organs in a digital space. By allowing physicians to thoroughly examine the targeted locations and calculate therapy outcomes, this dataset can enable new possibilities for planning procedures which eliminate unnecessary interventions. Virtual planning can visualize an organ’s response to a treatment on a computer before the actual intervention. Physicians can use it to test various therapies, examine the outcomes, and select the best therapy for the patient”.

Digitalization of healthcare is driven by the desire to provide the best treatments for all patients. Artificial intelligence, for instance, can eliminate unnecessary interventions, prioritize acute cases, improve the quality and productivity of healthcare, advance precision medicine, and generate more clinical knowledge. Digitalizing healthcare will cause a shift from patient-centric disease management to person-centric healthcare. This will be possible thanks to a lifelong collection of data applied to Patient Twinning.

               Besides “Patient Twinning”, Siemens Healthineers also showcased its latest digital innovations at HMA 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand including:

  • AI-Rad Companion – A database to support radiologists, radiation oncologists, radiotherapists, and medical physicists with the automated post processing of MRI, CT, and X-ray datasets connected to the Teamplay digital platform. It saves clinicians’ time and enhances their diagnostic precision. The steady rise of radiology examinations and staff shortages have led to less time spent on each case, with the risk of missing clinically relevant findings.
  • syngo Virtual Cockpit – This allows medical staff to diagnose patients in remote areas, especially when more sophisticated examinations are required. This is achieved by connecting remotely to scanners at a different location via syngo Virtual Cockpit. With the capability to deploy experienced technologists across multiple locations, healthcare providers can transform care delivery and achieve a higher level of standardization, leading to more accurate diagnoses.
  • Cinematic Reality  Cinematic Reality – A photorealistic 3D visualization application powered by Cinematic Rendering technology. By rendering X-Ray, CT scan or MRI images into high definition 3-dimensional animated visualizations that can be freely rotated, and magnified on demand, this VR technology has made it simpler for doctors to examine and diagnose complex cases.

“For the past years, Siemens Healthineers have been working on developing new medical innovation with AI to maintain our leadership in the medtech industry. With over 700 patents in machine learning, 275 patents in Deep Learning and more than 60 AI-based applications, we have paved the way for healthcare providers to foster individualized preventions and therapies with precise diagnosis. This truly reflects our relentless pursuit to create better medical solutions for patients around the world and to digitalize the healthcare industry.” concluded Mr Bodenstein.

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