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Silavadee Resort Celebrates 15 Years, Redefining Modern Luxury!

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort - Ocean ViewIn an impressive milestone, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, a renowned luxury resort nestled on Samui Island, celebrates its 15th anniversary with resounding success. Setting new standards for opulence, the resort unveils its visionary strategy, “The New Chapters of Luxury – S.E.A,” which aims to redefine the concept of luxury and propel Silavadee to global acclaim. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, unparalleled experiences, and a diverse range of activities, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort exemplifies the evolving desires of modern travellers while contributing to the revival of Samui tourism.

Under the astute leadership of Chonlada Soonthonvasu, the managing director of Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, the establishment has garnered widespread acclaim among Thai and international guests. Fueled by its idyllic location, world-class amenities, impeccable service, and authentic Thai hospitality, Silavadee has become a favoured destination for discerning travellers seeking an extraordinary retreat.

Silavadee Pool Villa
Silavadee Pool Villa

As Koh Samui joyfully welcomes the return of tourists, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort has achieved an impressive 90% booking rate from foreign guests. Among them, 20% are returning visitors hailing from Europe, the United States, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Furthermore, emerging markets in Saudi Arabia and Israel are increasingly drawn to the allure of Silavadee. This surge in reservations can be attributed to the resort’s astute online marketing campaigns, seamlessly bridging the gap between promotions and consumers during the height of the Covid-19 crisis. Notably, guests now opt for longer stays and are more inclined to indulge in lavish experiences, leading Silavadee to forecast a 10% growth by year-end compared to 2020.

To mark its 15th anniversary, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort introduces “The New Chapters of Luxury – S.E.A” strategy, designed to provide guests with unparalleled relaxation through three fundamental pillars: Sustainability (S), Experience (E), and Activity (A). These pillars not only cater to the evolving preferences of modern travellers but also reflect the fierce competition within Samui’s tourism industry in a post-Covid-19 world.

Chonlada emphasizes, “For the past 15 years, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort has been hailed by Thai and international guests as a superlative destination offering exceptional service, breathtaking surroundings, and a distinctive natural ambience. These accolades inspire us to elevate our standards and deliver an elevated form of luxury. We firmly believe that our ‘New Chapters of Luxury – S.E.A’ strategy will guide us in creating an unparalleled experience for our guests while further bolstering Samui’s tourism industry.”

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort
Silavadee Pool Spa Resort

The first pillar, Sustainability (S), lies at the core of Silavadee’s ethos. Grounded in the “Back to Nature” concept, the resort’s construction preserves the island’s natural splendour and incorporates eco-friendly materials. In a continued commitment to sustainability, Silavadee vows to support the local community by purchasing snacks from nearby vendors and sourcing ingredients within the island, minimizing transportation and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Silavadee operates an in-house farm that utilizes food leftovers as compost, actively combating food waste. Guests are invited to partake in various activities focused on environmental awareness, including visits to Silavadee Farm, a prime example of the circular economy concept.

The second pillar, Experience (E), revolves around providing guests with exceptional stays that transcend ordinary hospitality. Silavadee Pool Spa Resort plans to enrich each guest’s experience from the moment of booking until checkout. By embracing the mantra of “Silavadee Pool Spa Resort gives more than other luxury resorts,” the resort aims to exceed expectations by upgrading in-room and in-resort amenities, introducing new culinary offerings, and providing highly attentive service tailored to individual preferences. With regular training sessions for the 200 staff members, Silavadee ensures that every guest receives an unforgettable experience, with first-time visitors marvelling at the exceptional service and returning guests noting the continuous enhancements.

The third pillar, Activity (A), encompasses an array of inclusive on-site activities that cater to guests’ diverse lifestyles. To commemorate its 15th anniversary, the resort has curated a captivating lineup of wellness services, exercise programs, food and beverage experiences, DJ sets, and live music performances. These activities are refreshed monthly, offering guests a chance to partake in new and exciting ventures during each visit, embracing the resort’s ethos of constant innovation.

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort boasts 80 guestrooms, including 36 Deluxe units averaging 50 sqm in size. The resort’s higher-tier accommodations comprise 40 Pool Villas and 4 Pool Villa Suites. Diners can indulge in culinary delights at the Thai restaurant, The Height, or savour delectable offerings at Moon, the all-day dining venue. For panoramic views and crafted cocktails, the rooftop bar, Star, offers an unrivalled experience. Silavadee Spa ensures a serene sanctuary for guests seeking pampering and rejuvenation. The resort prioritizes security and hygiene measures, adhering to the regulations prescribed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Silavadee Pool Spa Resort presents guests with exclusive experiences and privileges throughout 2023. The specially crafted cocktail, Sila 15th, combines 15-year-old whiskey with local tropical fruits, offering a delightful blend at the rooftop bar, Star. Epicurean enthusiasts can embark on a culinary journey with a seven-course menu crafted from local ingredients, epitomizing the essence of southern Thai culture. Priced at 1,800 baht per person, this extraordinary dining experience is available at The Height. Additionally, the “Silavadee 15th Anniversary” package provides a 45% discount from the Flexi promotion and includes 1,500 baht of resort credit per stay. This enticing offer extends until the end of 2023, inviting guests to immerse themselves in “The New Chapters of Luxury” and celebrate Silavadee’s remarkable anniversary.

For more information or to book a room at Silavadee Pool Spa Resort, please visit www.silavadeeresort.com or contact reservations@silavadeeresort.com.





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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