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SITA Revolutionizes Pre-Border Threat Detection!

SITA In the modern era of international mobility, governments worldwide are under increasing pressure to balance the resurgent volumes of international travel with ever-evolving security and health threats. In response to this pressing issue, the world-renowned technology provider, SITA, has launched its most progressive solution, revolutionizing border management by enabling governments to identify potential threats long before they approach national borders.

This groundbreaking solution, SITA Intelligence and Targeting, harnesses the power of advanced risk assessment methodologies and artificial intelligence. It remarkably reduces the time needed to extract strategic risk analysis and operational situational awareness across various data streams. The implications are significant – the system provides critical intelligence that allows authorities to act preemptively against high-risk individuals before they enter a country.

This unprecedented innovation is designed around a four-phase intelligence methodology: acquire, augment, analyze, and action. This approach is directly mapped to government customers’ operational environments, ensuring a seamless and effective tool integration into existing systems. The core premise of the methodology is the need for actionable intelligence – intelligence that isn’t just informative but can directly influence frontline operations, enhance data quality, and update intelligence sources for higher accuracy in future operations.

Speaking about the new offering, Jeremy Springall, SVP, SITA AT BORDERS, highlighted the key lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. “One of the most valuable lessons we learned from the pandemic was the importance of border agencies having the right tools to reconfigure policy rules to address rapidly changing threats,” said Springall. Threats change daily, sometimes even hourly. Consequently, government agencies require considerably greater flexibility and control.

He added, “This is precisely what we have delivered with the vastly enhanced SITA Intelligence and Targeting, creating a pre-screening capability to support our government customers’ direct targeting operations and drive down risk as early and as far from the border as possible.”

SITA Intelligence and Targeting presents a game-changing approach for border agencies. It enables the dynamic reconfiguration of rules and profiles in response to new intelligence and evolving threats. Governments can now identify and respond to threats far more swiftly. This extends to real-time pre-clearance of travellers, significantly enhancing security while promoting travel facilitation.

Over the past 25 years, SITA has built a specialist business unit dedicated to tackling the unique and complex challenges of its 70+ government customers responsible for their countries’ border security. Their commitment to innovation and safety has been instrumental in delivering this transformative solution.

For more information about SITA’s Intelligence and Targeting, visit SITA’s official website.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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