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SiteMinder accelerates mobilisation of Thailand’s small accommodation businesses with new Little Hotelier mobile app

SiteMinder, the world’s leading open hotel commerce platform, has today released the latest version of its mobile app for small accommodation providers to make working-from-anywhere easier for Thailand’s thousands of small accommodation businesses.

The release is a significant upgrade of the Little Hotelier mobile app by SiteMinder, which is now used by the majority of Little Hotelier customers globally, in eight different languages, and has increased in usage by more than 15 percent year-on-year.

Today’s re-release of the Little Hotelier mobile app comes with a more interactive calendar for accommodation providers to view, manage and create reservations, and a more simplified payments module for users to easily process customer payments. For greater security, the new mobile app also comes with multi-factor authentication and, for heightened peace of mind, English and Spanish speaking users can now chat live with SiteMinder’s global customer support team from within the app.

One of the app’s early adopters is Jeff Kraus, Operations Manager at Samui Bayside, who says, “It’s been a huge time-saver for me, and I’m having a fantastic time with it. It’s convenient to be able to swipe through all of the rooms and make a new reservation that way.”

Adds Jaravee Chaivuth, Owner/Operator at Silan Residence on Ko Pha-ngan: “Our lives are made a little easier because of Little Hotelier. It helps increase revenue by utilising a variety of distribution methods.”

Juliet Ramzan, General Manager of Little Hotelier at SiteMinder, says today’s release is about freeing accommodation providers who can now enjoy the same mobility as their guests.

“When the travel industry talks about the increased usage of mobile devices, typically it is the end consumer who comes to mind. We overlook the mobility that those devices provide to extremely time-challenged businesspeople, especially those who run an always-on small hotel business. So, we wanted to flip the script. For too long, the focus has only been on the mobility of hotel guests and, more recently, those guests’ ability to work from anywhere. At SiteMinder, we believe that same flexibility should be extended to hoteliers, so they can be as free and connected, and as in control, as their guests,” says Ramzan.

“More than 85 percent of the world’s hotels are independent properties who can feel a little stuck. They might receive an email reservation while they’re away from the front desk, so they rush back to immediately enter that reservation into their system to avoid double-bookings. At SiteMinder, we know every second is valuable for small accommodation providers and now they can make every second more productive, regardless of where they are.”

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