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Sizzler overjoyed to have achieved the expected sales growth in 2022

In response to positive market signals and new consumer trends, Sizzler will be implementing three strategies, including Store renovations and the expansion of new branches across the country under the concept of Healthy Food Happy Mood, constantly creating new recipes from quality ingredients throughout the year, and increasing the member base through the Loyalty Program e-Member system, which comes with numerous member benefits.

These are expected to help it maintain its 30-year position as Thailand’s leading health-conscious restaurant brand for all consumer groups.

To enhance the brand’s image during the year-end holiday season and provide consumers with a healthy delicious experience, festive recipes focusing on protein will be launched to satisfy meat lovers, including Grilled Pork TomahawkBeef Loin Steak and Grilled Tiger Prawn, and Grilled Sous Vide Beef Prime Ribs with beef imported from Australia. It is the first time Sizzler has offered premium beef as a special recipe for customers to experience superior taste both in the store and at home. The brand anticipated that the introduction of holiday specials would contribute to sales growth, resulting in meeting the 2022 revenue target.

According to Mr. Kreetakorn Siriatha, Chief of Financial and Strategy Officer, The Minor Food Group PCL., during the past 11 months of Sizzler’s operation in 2022, the business has grown consistently in accordance with the strategies and goals that have been established. He said, “These began with continuing to modernize existing branches and adding new outlets under the concept of Healthy Food Happy Mood which focuses on medium-sized stores. It includes store layout innovation and creativity, new recipes, and a premium salad bar to attract more customers with high purchasing power in each location. There are currently three branches under this concept, including Terminal 21 Asoke, Terminal 21 Rama 3, and Robinson Ratchaphruek, with a new branch in Phuket planned to open by the end of this year.”

As a result, Sizzler will have 61 stores nationwide by the end of 2022 in response to the growing market. Dine-in is still the majority of Sizzler’s business while Sizzler’s delivery and takeaway service have grown significantly. The growth factor comes from consumer behavior and the stimulation of consumer purchasing power through the introduction of various promotions as well as the ‘Sizzler to Go’ model which focuses on serving food and beverage recipes that suits consumers’ fast-paced lifestyle that requires convenience in locations such as train station and hospital. Currently, there are 4 branches which can help to increase the proportion of overall sales of Sizzler as well.

In addition, it is another important factor that allows Sizzler to grow and win the hearts of consumers for a long time,” Kreetakorn added. “Throughout the year, we never stop inventing and creating new recipes, from MSG-free main dishes to a special salad bar made from premium ingredients. There will be festive recipes, especially during the upcoming holiday season, which are expected to boost overall sales.

Besides, existing products such as Sizzler Cheese Toast, one of the restaurant’s signature recipes that everyone is familiar with, have been expanded. Customers can now order this and take it home to prepare a meal on their own. It has been well received. All of this is done to ensure that consumers have access to high-quality food on any given occasion.

The “Loyalty Program e-Member” system, which was developed to enable an online reward point program for members of all levels via Line Official Account @SizzlerThai, will also help to boost sales.

“Sizzler’s business strategies in 2023 will continue to focus on offering products and services to meet the needs of consumers who like quality food combined with good health, based on the concept of Healthy Food Happy Mood. The main strategy entails renovating existing branches and adding 4-5 new branches to the network, while offering special seasonal recipes for various occasions and providing special benefits through the E-Member system. This is another way to excite customers and continuously stimulate consumer purchasing power. By 2023, the number of E-Members is expected to double,” Kreetakorn concluded.

“The end of the year is another high season when most consumers tend to spend more because there are many festive celebrations and activities,” said Mr. Anirute David Collins, General Manager of SLRT Limited Company; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the brand Sizzler “During this time, Sizzler, a leading health-conscious restaurant, has invented and created new recipes to provide customers with a unique dining experience. To ensure that everyone enjoys an all-in-one meal, the three newly created festive recipes this time have special features and differences that are ready for everyone to explore and taste the premium deliciousness in the traditional Sizzler style.”

The three newly created festive recipes include:

Grilled Pork Tomahawk

Grilled Pork Tomahawk is topped with rosemary and served with Cafe de Paris butter. It also comes with a plethora of side dishes, including potato wedges, tomatoes, and grilled baby carrots. It is ideal to eat with a special black pepper sauce, which provides an excellent flavor match. The cost is 759 baht.

 Grilled Sous Vide Beef Prime Ribs

Sous Vide Grilled Beef Prime Ribs are only available for pre-order. The prime rib steak is made with beef imported from Australia, cooked sous vide to soften the meat, and then served with Cafe de Paris butter and rosemary garnish. It is also served with a variety of side dishes, including potato wedges, garlic confit, tomatoes, and roasted baby carrots. It goes well with black pepper sauce and blue cheese sauce for a smooth taste. The cost is 2,899 baht, which includes an unlimited salad bar for two persons.

Beef Loin Steak and Grilled Tiger Prawn*

Beef Loin Steak and Grilled Tiger Prawn is made with fine Australian beef loin steak. It comes with two large tiger prawns, grilled hot, served with truffle mashed potatoes and specially crafted black pepper sauce, perfectly delicious, and costs 849 baht.

“For the first time, the brand has introduced prime rib meat imported from Australia to create special recipes that go through a unique production process for this year’s festive season. These are made specifically for people who enjoy eating beef. This raises the level of serving steak, which is one of Sizzler’s distinguishing features, to be even more exclusive. At the same time, customers can select from a variety of steak recipes, including pork, chicken, fish, and seafood, based on their preferences. It reflects the image of Sizzler’s leading health-conscious restaurant, which has won consumers’ hearts for over 30 years.”

“Sizzler strives to continuously improve all aspects of service in order to meet the needs of consumers of all ages and genders at all times in order to achieve maximum satisfaction,” said Anirute.

 For more information, call Sizzler’s Public Relations Department at 02-365-6934, visit the Facebook Fan Page www.facebook.com/SizzlerThai or go to www.sizzler.co.th.

More information on the festive Sizzler recipes:

 *Grilled Sous Vide Beef Prime Ribs will be available at 22 Sizzler locations from December 1, 2022, to January 15, 2023, or until stock last.

*Beef Loin Steak and Grilled Tiger Prawn are available at 39 Sizzler locations from December 16, 2022, to January 15, 2023, or until the product runs out.

The list of participating branches is available on the website, https://www.sizzler.co.th/th

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