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Sizzler unveils new strategy of tastiness, promising to tantalize your taste buds with a new menu featuring steak recipes crafted from the finest quality ingredients, with prices remain unchanged

In the first quarter of 2023, Sizzler reported business results that were in line with their expectations, and they plan to capitalize on this success to maintain their status as Thailand’s premier steak and salad bar for over three decades. The brand is promoting its long history of great experiences with the concept “OVER 30 YEARS OF SIZZLING EXPERIENCE” to satisfy all customers. Apart from introducing a new menu book, they are highlighting steak dishes crafted by professional chefs using top-notch imported steaks cooked on Japanese hot stones, Nordic-style sous vide salmon steak carefully prepared, and the signature cut BBQ pork ribs which are only available at Sizzler and made from quality ingredients, among others.

Besides, the menu features an array of freshly made starters sourced from quality ingredients, as well as a popular salad bar with fresh, hygienic, and safe vegetables to elevate the dining experience for customers. The strategy also entails promotional campaigns, the steady addition of more outlets, and refurbishing existing stores to be in line with current trends. Furthermore, there is a focus on constructing a loyalty program to grow the e-member base throughout the year. All these business activities are aimed at responding to customers’ needs and providing them with the best possible experience.

Mr. Anirute David Collins, General Manager of SLRT Limited Company; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the brand Sizzler, said, “During the first three months of 2023, Sizzler saw growth that met the established goals. This was due to households resuming their spending habits, leading to more customers frequenting Sizzler’s locations. Dining in, food delivery, and takeout all saw notable growth. In response to the positive factors, Sizzler constantly launched new menus and added a salad bar with various seasonal ingredients to draw in customers. Additionally, they also launched Sizzler To Go, which offers signature dishes such as Cheese Toast and salads, as well as other ready-to-eat meals that are easier for people to take away. The restaurant continues to provide and develop new delivery services on an ongoing basis in order to meet the needs of its customers no matter how they prefer to eat.”

Sizzler has been increasing its customer base by renovating existing outlets to keep them up to date, as well as opening new branches in department stores and major cities, so they can reach their desired consumer demographic across Thailand. The restaurant also works to keep its current customers by providing exclusive benefits and discounts for members, which has been designed to be more user-friendly with an electronic membership card system called “Loyalty Program E-Member.” Additionally, members of all levels can take advantage of an online reward point accumulation program through the Line Official Account @SizzlerThai. While the menu remains the most crucial element, featuring a variety of carefully crafted dishes made with both domestic and imported quality ingredients, in order to keep customers delighted and coming back for more.

 Anirute continued, “Currently, apart from the Sizzler chain, many restaurants in Thailand are continuously growing, resulting in intense market competition. This is evident in the emergence of new eateries, particularly steak houses and numerous health food spots that opened over the past years. Moreover, consumers’ behavior is shifting quickly due to emerging social trends. Restaurant choices are more often based on suggestions seen on social media platforms. That’s why this year Sizzler has made a proactive change this year to remain competitive in response to the restaurant industry’s severe rivalry and keep up with evolving customer preferences, with the concept of “Over 30 Years of Sizzling Experiences” that highlights Sizzler’s status as a renowned steak and salad bar that has been popular with Thai and foreign customers for three decades, emphasizing on Fresh, Premium and Quality aspects. This is achieved through three approaches: revamping the restaurant menu to make it more appealing, including global-class premium steak without changes in pricing; changing the layout design of Sizzler outlets to give a contemporary impression while still maintaining the brand’s identity; and improving the Sizzler food selection to make it more appealing and accessible to consumers, highlighting Sizzler’s specialty of steak that offer additional variety with new premium recipes.

The restaurant also upgraded its menu by introducing a wide variety of new premium steak, including top-notch steaks from overseas cooked on a Japanese hot stone until they sizzle. This is a novel concept that appeals to Gen Z customers, especially those who like to generate content for social media and make their mark in the online sphere through word-of-mouth. The signature steak recipe is a standout, as well as the new appetizer that encourages you to indulge. In addition, the signature unlimited salad bar is filled with an array of fresh produce from the Royal Project. Highlights include:

  • Sizzling Ribeye Steak served sizzling hot on a Japanese hot stone, made from the Australian beef rib primal grilled over an open flame to the desired doneness and served sizzling-hot on a Japanese-style hot stone. Its flavor is rich, and the texture is perfect, doubled with the aromatic scent of the meat as the hot stone multiplies the lip-smacking tastiness, and for 999 baht you can enjoy this new dining experience with side dishes and grilled vegetables to enhance its deliciousness.
  • Grilling a Sizzling New York Striploin Steak over an open flame, this Australian-imported New York cut with its balanced fat-to-meat ratio is served sizzling hot on a Japanese-style hot stone. Accompanied by side dishes and assorted grilled vegetables, it can be yours for 899 baht.
  • Sous Vide Salmon Steak Nordic Style is a delectable dish featuring imported salmon steak, meticulously cooked using sous vide to achieve a soft and smooth texture with an absolute premium taste. It is served with side dishes and special sauces for 599 baht.
  • Sizzler Signature Cut BBQ Pork Ribs is a meal that consists of large pieces of barbecue pork ribs, marinated with the restaurant’s exclusive seasonings and spices, grilled to perfection, and thoroughly brushed with rich BBQ sauce upon serving. It comes with side dishes and the option to select either a black pepper or barbecue sauce, all for 799 baht.
  • Grilled Seabass Steak with Seafood Mayo Sauce, cooked to perfection and accompanied by mashed potatoes and spinach. Enjoy the delicious juicy grilled Thai firm-texture sea bass for 499 baht.

To further enhance the customers’ dining experience, they are provided with promotions and a range of premium combination platters. From single diners to couples to families, there is something for everyone, ensuring that each customer can enjoy special meals every day.

“Sizzler provides a unique dining experience and being a destination that brings joy to all its customers in every single moment. We are moving forward by constantly creating new dishes, improving service quality, and offering promotions that cater to the ever-changing desires of our customers throughout the year. It is predicted that this alteration in business strategy will bring about an increase in sales during the second quarter of 2023,” Anirute concluded.

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