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Skål Asia Manifesto 2021-2-3 Plan On Record

Why Andrew J Wood is the BEST candidate for PRESIDENT of SKÅL ASIA.

FACTHis years of experience on the board (since 2005) and knowledge of Skål International cannot be matched.

 FACT: His honest reputation and his ability for action to get things done through people. His contacts of Skålleagues is exceptional.

 FACT: A member of Skål since1992 with a record of achievements and success born out of years of skilfully developing achievable goals. A strategic management style based on planning and looking ahead. He is hard working, straight forward, non political and tells it as it is.

FACT: During his Presidency his club Bangkok won the Club of the Year 2018-19.

FACT: Awarded Skål Order of Merit in 2013, the Membre D’Honneur in 2019 and Skål International President’s Award in 2020

NO-ONE is more qualified to lead SKÅL ASIA out of the post COVID era and into the future. 


WIth ACTION and a PLAN. The 2021-2-3 PLAN 

20 Clear GOALS and ACTION. Recorded for all to see.

They are:


  1. Open new countries Cambodia | Laos | Vietnam
  2. Open new clubs from 43 active clubs to 50 clubs in Asia by 2023
  3. Target 3000 members in Asia by 2023
  4. Work to incorporate YS into the membership portfolio by 2022/23


  1. Strengthen communication with all 5  National Committees in ASIA ie Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Ch.Taipei and India
  1. Provide grants and loans to achieve membership goals at grassroots through clubs and NCs


  1. SAA CONGRESS to offer best available rates. Abolish rotation (East, West, SEA). Make it price led. Review content format. Provide more business and networking opportunities. Review speaker content
  1. Develop Skål Asia sponsors network


  1. Appoint a Digital Marcom Director (DMD) to the Board
  1. DMD to manage SI/SAA  websites and all SAA social media







  1. DMD to manage SAA database (dB), Zoom, Election Buddy and EDM communications
  1. Enhance digital marketing opportunities for all SAA clubs


  1. Provide First Class communications and images with outstanding branding and professional look and feel. Ensure this branding is mirrored in our emails and all communications including media releases.
  2.  Quarterly professionally produced 2 page eNewsletter


  1. Appoint a paid secretariat managed by the board and reporting to the SAA SECRETARY
  1. Legally Register SAA


  1. Resolve bank account placement


  1. Introduce electronic invoicing, payment and banking


  1. Revise and Review SAA Statutes and By-Laws. Ensure that the board represents a wide cross section of its members and limits (a maximum of 3) the number of representatives from one country in line with other Skål groupings


  1. Develop a SAA succession plan to ensure continuity at board level

We will start to implement the plan from the moment I am elected. We have much to do and it is important that we don’t waste time.

Please make your VOTE count.

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