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SkyOrb Cabins Launch: Singapore’s New Aerial Travel Era!

Singapore Cable Car's SkyOrb Cabin Took Its Maiden Flight on 15 March 2024.In a dazzling fusion of innovation and celebration, Singapore’s skyline is set to transform with the launch of the world’s first chrome-finished SkyOrb Cabins. Introduced by the Mount Faber Leisure Group, these seven spherical marvels herald a new epoch in aerial travel, combining futuristic design with breathtaking panoramic experiences. This groundbreaking addition to the Singapore Cable Car – Mount Faber Line was unveiled amidst the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the iconic attraction, marking a milestone in Singapore’s commitment to innovation and tourism excellence.

At the heart of this momentous event were luminaries like Mr. Bob Tan, Chairman of the Sentosa Development Corporation, and Ms. Thien Kwee Eng, its Chief Executive Officer. Their presence, alongside Mr. Michael Syn and Mr. Buhdy Bok of the Mount Faber Leisure Group, underscored the collaborative spirit driving Singapore’s tourism sector towards new frontiers.

The SkyOrb Cabins shatter the conventional mold of cable car design. Their spherical, chrome-finished exteriors are not just a nod to modern aesthetics but a leap into the future of transportation design. Unlike anything else on the global stage, these cabins offer an immersive viewing experience with their glass-bottomed floors and an ambient ring of lights that transforms night travel into an enchanting journey.

SkyOrb Cabin on the Mount Faber Line.
SkyOrb Cabin on the Mount Faber Line.

Mr. Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of Mount Faber Leisure Group, encapsulated the essence of this innovation, stating, “Each SkyOrb cabin, a gleaming chrome orb soaring through the sky, embodies modern design. These cabins offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience, taking them on a discovery between Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa, unveiling breathtaking views along the way.” This sentiment echoes the broader vision of providing visitors with a unique vantage point to discover Singapore’s scenic beauty.

The introduction of the SkyOrb Cabins is a testament to the enduring partnership between Mount Faber Leisure Group and CWA, the Swiss-based cable car cabin manufacturer known for its innovative designs. This collaboration has once again pushed the boundaries of what’s possible, offering guests an unparalleled experience that marries the thrill of height with the allure of futuristic design.

Available for public enjoyment from 20 March 2024, the SkyOrb experience is accessible to all, with ticketing options catering to various needs and occasions. Whether opting for an upgrade on the Mount Faber Line or a full Sky Pass, visitors are in for a journey that promises to elevate their senses and perceptions of Singapore.

In conclusion, the launch of the SkyOrb Cabins is not merely an addition to Singapore’s array of tourist attractions; it is a bold step into the future of travel and an invitation to explore the skies like never before. As the Mount Faber Line ascends into its next half-century, it does so with a clear vision: to continue enchanting guests with innovations that are as thrilling as beautiful.

For more information on this spectacular venture into the future of aerial sightseeing, visit Mount Faber Leisure.




Written by: Kanda Limw







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