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Skytree Town: Tokyo’s New Global Cultural Hub!

TOKYO SKYTREEIn the heart of Tokyo, a new digital portal opens its doors to the world, inviting explorers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Japan’s cultural and architectural marvels. The “Elevate Your Adventure: Tokyo Skytree Town Unveils Global Cultural Gateway” feature unfolds the enchanting narrative of Tokyo Skytree Town and its seamless connection with the historic Asakusa district, crafting a bridge between the old and the new.

The Tokyo Skytree, not just an engineering feat but a symbol of Japan’s forward-looking ethos, now houses a particular page on its official website, launched in five languages. This digital expansion, titled “TOKYO SKYTREE DISCOVER Your Excitement,” aims to showcase the area’s allure, from the bustling streets of Skytree Town to the serene ambience of Asakusa. This initiative offers a panoramic view of Tokyo’s soul, from its highest vantage points down to its traditional “shitamachi” streets, where history whispers through the alleys and marketplaces.

Asakusa, a mere 15-minute stroll from Tokyo Skytree Town, is a living museum of Tokyo’s past. Here, visitors can tread the fine line between the bygone eras and today’s technological marvels, experiencing the city’s traditional shopping, entertainment, and residential quarters. This district, characterized by its “shitamachi” atmosphere, is a testament to Tokyo’s enduring spirit.

The website’s newly uploaded video guides these districts, illustrating the myriad ways visitors of all ages can enjoy the blend of culture and innovation that defines Tokyo. Whether basking in the breathtaking views from the Skytree’s observation decks or donning a kimono to make Japanese-style sweets, the “TOKYO SKYTREE Enjoy Pack” offers a unique cultural experience.

TOBU TOWER SKYTREE Co., Ltd., the steward of Tokyo Skytree, envisions this initiative as more than just a visit; it’s an invitation to global visitors to weave their own stories into the fabric of Tokyo. The towering Skytree itself, standing at 634 meters, is not only the world’s tallest free-standing broadcasting tower but also a beacon of Tokyo’s culture, offering panoramic views from its observation decks and a taste of local cuisine at the SKYTREE CAFEs.

At night, the Skytree transforms into a luminous landmark, with its lighting themes of “Iki,” “Miyabi,” and “Nobori”, painting the sky in hues that narrate Tokyo’s elegance, tradition, and prosperity. These special lightings, alongside seasonal events, ensure that Tokyo Skytree Town remains a vivid chapter in the city’s ongoing story.

Through this feature, Tokyo Skytree Town and Asakusa’s enchantment is preserved and revitalized, inviting the world to discover the excitement and warmth of Tokyo’s heart. It is a journey where tradition meets innovation and every visitor is welcomed to find their excitement to discover their story in Tokyo’s bustling, beautiful districts.




Written by: Supaporn Pholrach







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