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Social Dating App “Ship” Arrives in Thailand

Match Group, a parent company of Tinder among many other popular dating applications from the United States, has launched a new social dating app called “Ship” worldwide, which has now finally arrived in Thailand! Ship is designed to enhance and bring more fun to the dating experience allowing users to socialize and team up with inner circle of friends, whether it is college friends, childhood friends, married friends, or single friends, to explore and find the perfect match!

The current New Normal trend has reshaped personal relationships amongst people in the society causing a global shift in dating activities, social interactions, and starting a relationship. This forces relationships with potential dates to progress slowly and steadily at a healthy pace allowing dating couples to get to know each other at a deeper level, develop intimacy, and build strong connections, which results in a long-lasting relationship. Furthermore, aside from looking for love, young gens also value friends’ views and thoughts and they go to friends about everything as they feel like friends understand them the most. Ship has realized the trends and combined into one application. With Ship, users can stay in touch with friends as they can both socialize with friends and ask for advices like they normally do and have a conversation with potential matches at the same time and get to know them prior to meeting them in person.

According to the Digital Thailand 2020, active social media users in Thailand have grown by 4.7% when compared to the previous year, in which they have spent on average of 2 hours and 55 minutes on social media daily. Dating applications have risen significantly with high demands among the young gens and solid popularity in Thailand. Since the adoption of New Normal lifestyle, social applications for meeting new people and making friends online have received more downloads and increased talk time. Simultaneously, after the pandemic has hit the United States, which was where Ship originated, and lockdown restrictions have been put in place, report shows that Ship is a way to stay connected with friends as friend messaging has doubled in volume. There have also been 55% increase in right swipes or ‘Likes’ and 65% increase in friendship created. Moreover, 50% of users have also gone on a virtual date since the pandemic began as well.

Ship came to fruition when the powerful women leaders of both Match Group, a leading online dating services company from the United States, and Betches Media, a multi-platform media company for millennial women to experience comedy and empowerment in an honest environment from the United States, got together and began discussing how women often lean heavily on their friends when they date. It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you have ever used a dating application, you have also taken a screenshot of a particularly noteworthy profile to text to your friends. The new dating app Ship takes the idea to a whole new level. It adds a social twist to the typical dating application experience by allowing users to swipe alongside a “crew” of their friends and discuss profiles and matches in a group chat.

“Dating applications are traditionally a solo experience but truth is, friends play a huge role in dating. Match Group jointly developed an application with Betches Media in response to this idea, leveraging the power of friendship and putting a spin on traditional dating applications by letting your friends play matchmaker. We built Ship to mirror how friends actually help and support each other in dating in real life. We launched Ship in the United States since 2019, and we think this is a great time to further expand our footprint to other countries. We are extremely excited to be expanding into the Thai market. Ship continues to develop new features to enhance dating experience for users. We believe that by letting friends play matchmaker and chat with each other in one dating application, Ship will make dating a much more fun and rewarding experience,” said Stephanie Danzi, Head of Marketing of Ship.

“I’ve been friends with my fellow Betches co-founders, Sami & Aleen, since we were young, and we have seen each other grow and guided each other through different stages of life, including dating and relationships. So we are thrilled to launch Ship and create a social dating application that is built on the power of friendship.Our audience is always writing in to our podcast, U Up?, about their dating experiences, and we hope that Ship will alleviate the pressure and anxiety that currently exists around dating applications. We believe that by letting friends play matchmaker and chat with each other in one dating application, Ship will make dating a much more fun and rewarding experience,” said Betches and Ship Co-founder Jordana Abraham.

How Ship works:

Download Ship application via the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or getship.co.
Single users create a dating profile and invite their friends to help swipe for them. Or if you’re in a relationship, you can join and invite a single friend you want to swipe for.
Friends can share matches and talk about profiles they are seeing on the application through the group chat.
There is also a video feature Ship Party, where friends can chat over video and vet prospects together.
While all crew members can search for matches, only single people have profiles and can communicate directly with matches.
Users must be 18 years or old to use Ship. Ship is free and available to download via the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and getship.co Get your ship together and download Ship today, plus stay up-to-date on the latest news by visiting getship.co or following @GetShipped on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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