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Sofitel Krabi crafts Thailand’s very first private label spirit

Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort has unveiled Eau de Vivre, the very first private label spirit ever produced exclusively for a hotel in Thailand.

Taken from the French term meaning “water of life,” Eau de Vivre has been created in collaboration with Kilo Spirits, Krabi’s first distillery. While it emulates a classic London dry gin, locally-sourced sugarcane and botanicals have been carefully blended to create an original flavor that is subtle yet highly distinctive, and reflects the exotic elegance of its home province.

Experts from the resort’s management team and the master distillers at Kilo Spirits joined hands to meticulously select ingredients from sustainable local sources, using multiple blind tasting sessions to settle on the final version. Each botanical plays an important role in the overall flavor; for example, jasmine flowers add delicate floral notes, cashew nuts feel buttery smooth in the mouth, while Krabi pineapple provides a sweet, tropical finish. Inspired by its native environment and produced just a short distance from Sofitel Krabi, Eau de Vivre also has a minimal carbon footprint.

The name Eau de Vivre is inspired by many elements. The French language associates the spirit with Sofitel’s heritage as an iconic French luxury brand, while “eau” refers to the pure water used in the distillation process, which flows down from the mythical Naga Mountain. Located close to the hotel, this jungle-clad peak is revered as a holy site in Krabi as it is believed to be the domain of the “Naga,” a serpentine demi-god which sustains the beauty of the province. Paying homage to this legend, the product’s strapline, “Spirit of the Naga,” reflects both the nature of the liquor and its spiritual essence.

Eau de Vivre is not only for seasoned gin connoisseurs, but also for anybody who wants to try something new, individual and progressive in the world of small-batch craft spirits. The complex yet masterfully balanced flavor allows it to be enjoyed simply as a sunset G&T or as the main element in an imaginative cocktail crafted by Aurelius, the resident mixologist of Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort. The label will be made available for sampling in the resort’s Explorer Bar or in a limited-edition gift box offered at the onsite boutique shop. For adventurous explorers, exclusive small group workshops can be arranged at the hotel or distillery, including the opportunity to walk away with a personalized bottle.

“We are delighted to reveal Eau de Vivre, which is 100 percent exclusive to Sofitel Krabi. Conceptualized and crafted over a two-year period, this is a product of love that we are proud to call our own. While it is subtle and fragrant, Eau de Vivre is no wall-flower – it stands tall with a bold presence that can be recognized when placed against major labels. We invite all in-house guests, visitors and local residents to visit our Explorer’s Bar and savor this special local spirit,” said Jonathan Rudd, General Manager, Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort.

For further information or to sample this innovative new product of Krabi, please visit www.sofitelkrabiphokeethra.com.

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