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Soneva Enhances its Already World-Class Food Offering with One of Japan’s Most Celebrated Chefs

Gold Coast-based resort representation company, World Resorts of Distinction (WRD), this morning unveiled plans on behalf of Soneva – the world-leading luxury resort operator – that will tantalise tastebuds around the world.

Chef Kenji Gyoten, Japan’s youngest three-starred chef, is set to host dinners at Soneva Fushi in the Maldives four times this year and once in 2020, as part of the resort group’s Festival of Colour. Chef Kenji will also be cooking at Soneva Kiri in Thailand from August 25 – 31 2019.

Lucky diners will have a unique opportunity to skip the young sushi master’s 12-month long waiting list at his restaurant Sushi Gyoten in Fukuoka, and dine with only four other guests for an intimate Chef’s Table experience.

During his time at Soneva Fushi, Chef Gyoten will be working his art at So Hands On, Soneva Fushi’s sushi counter located in the resort’s overwater dining destination, Out of the Blue. The countertop – which is made from Hinoki, a Japanese pine commonly used for sushi counters, that has been polished with sake – seats just five diners and is celebrated for offering the best sushi outside of Japan.

The concept behind So Hands On is to create an intimate dining experience for lovers of Japanese cuisine, presided over by some of the world’s best sushi chefs.

Chef Kenji was born in 1982 in the Yamaguchi Prefecture and was influenced by his grandfather, who was a sushi chef. After working underneath his mentors in Tokyo, the chef opened Sushi Gyoten in Fukuoka at the age of 26, and has received three Michelin stars in three consecutive years since 2014.

Chef Kenji is well-known for using the hontegaeshi (hand flip) technique of endomae nigiri to prepare his bite-sized sushi – a technique that is rarely seen these days.

At Sushi Gyoten, the chef uses rice that has been sourced from a region in Kyushu, where extreme temperature differences between night and day create a unique flavour. He sources his seafood both locally and from the renowned Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo to ensure he only serves the finest food.

In February 2018, Soneva launched its first ever two year-long campaign, known as the Festival of Colour, to celebrate the diverse array of guest activities and events on offer at the resorts throughout the period.

As part of this festival, which runs from February 2018 – December 2019, Soneva has confirmed a huge line-up of visiting experts to elevate guests’ experiences, including chefs, authors, wine producers, world champion free divers, astronomers, artists, wellness practitioners, tennis coaches and more at all of its resorts.

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