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Spice Viet Restaurant Opens In Hanoi

Thien Minh Group (TMG) is set to open its fourth Spice Viet Restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam on February 11, 2020, joining Spice Viet restaurants already operating in Hue, Hoi An, and Ho Chi Minh City. The farm-to-table, casual dining restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese food is located at 46 Nguyen Truong To, at Flower Garden Hotel, just a 10-minute walk from Hanoi’s Dong Xuan Market and Old Quarter.

Since opening its first location in April 2017, Spice Viet Restaurants have won over diners for their extensive use of fresh, seasonal ingredients from local sources, adding a level of freshness and healthiness to a cuisine already world-renowned for its use of fresh vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients. This healthy version of authentic Vietnamese food together with well-designed set menu options continue to draw in locals and visitors.

Every Spice Viet Restaurant features an authentic, locally-driven menu to complement Vietnamese classics. Located in the birthplace of many Vietnamese dishes, the Spice Viet Hanoi menu is pleased to include iconic Hanoian dishes like shrimp fritters, a West Lake favourite, along with a full-flavored Pho Bo simmered for 12 hours in the birthplace of Vietnam’s most well-known noodle soup. The menu also includes best-sellers from sister Spice Viet restaurants ranging from Cao Lau noodles from Hoi An and savoury Banh Khoai pancakes from Hue to rich Saigon-style Beef Stew and flavoursome Hu Tieu noodle soup from Sadec, deep in the Mekong Delta.

Also in February 2020, Thien Minh Group is launching across its hotels and cruises its Green Star Campaign, a sustainability program supported by the IFC and the World Bank Group. The wide-ranging campaign features a multi-pronged approach, involving guests, staff, and local communities.

CEO of TMG, Mr Tran Trong Kien comments: “Health and safety is our utmost concern and in the current environment, we believe the most responsible action is showcasing that we can still operate safely. We would like to go ahead with this long-scheduled opening and give Hanoians and visitors a chance to try some of Hanoi’s healthiest and tastiest dishes, something which is much needed now. Measures are being taken to protect all of our staff and guests so we look forward to welcoming the first guests to this beautiful restaurant right in the heart of Hanoi.”

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