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Starting today! ‘BnB home EXPO 2022’ Home improvement and electrical appliance extravaganza Encouraging spending on homes, stimulating the economy

BnB home, a hub for home improvement from CRC Thai Watsadu Limited under Central Retail, is proactively encouraging spending on homes at the start of the year.

The “Baan and Beyond Expo”, previously held for five years in a row, has now become the “BnB home EXPO 2022”, an extravaganza of home furnishings and electrical appliances to welcome a Thai property market trending to expand in 2022. Partnerships with Central Retail units will showcase a wide range of branded products, with over 500 famous brands on exhibition, and discounts of up to 80% for the full 10 days. The Expo runs from today until 27 February 2022 at 10.00- 22.00 hours at BITEC Bangna Halls 100-104. Footfall for the entire event is projected to exceed 100,000 visitors.

Mr. Suthisarn Chirathivat, CEO of CRC Thai Watsadu Limited under Central Retail, commented that this huge event of home products and electrical goods was an annual event giving value back to customers. This is the first year under a new name, “BnB home EXPO 2022”, in line with the company’s rebranding at the start of last year. The event will highlight the completeness and quality of the product range, and affordable prices for customers attending the event to purchase all the products they want, with every item for home improvement available. There are also partnerships with Central Retail units such as Power Buy, OfficeMate, B2S, AUTO1 and Central The1 credit card. Partner promotions include home improvement products, electrical appliances, office equipment and IT, stationery and furniture.

Mr. Suthisarn added that this exhibition, on top of providing a great shopping experience and super value to consumers, was expected to stimulate consumer spending in the home improvement segment and the real estate sector to generate economic growth, in response to measures issued by the state sector which include support to grow the housing market in 2022. This will be a challenging year from the impact of COVID-19, but signs of growth have persisted after government measures to open the country and enable more tourism.

“BnB home EXPO 2022” is open to visitors between 18-27 February 2022 from 10.00- 22.00 at BITEC Bangna Halls 100-104. Consumers can choose from over 500 famous leading national brands of goods and services. The show will be crammed with quality products and services for excellent shopping in seven zones. Zone 1, BnB home, brings together a full range of products with great value, cheap prices and good quality to improve homes, bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and bathrooms. Tools and equipment for repairs are also on offer with discounts of up to 80%. Zone 2, vFIX, offers the consultant on any home-related matter, including free design services with 3D programs to solve any issue, including redecoration and rebuilding., including free design services with 3D programs to solve any issue, including redecoration and rebuilding. Zone 3, PowerBuy includes electrical appliances, IT devices and computers, also with discounts of up to 80%. Zone 4, AUTO1, is a hub for all automotive needs, with special offers on tyres of both discounts and giveaways, and up to 40% off. Zone 5, Officemate brings together office furniture and IT equipment with maximum discounts of 70%. Zone 6, B2S offers stationery with price cuts of up to 90%, and Zone 7, Furniture Fair @Bitec has every item of furniture for the home.

Everything to do with the home can be found at BnB home EXPO 2022 for a total of 10 days, alongside discount promotions of up to 80%. Visitors can also a draw for gold necklaces, cash vouchers and fans worth over 300,000 baht. Or for every spend of over 10,000 baht, receive 3,000 baht cashback and most exclusively, with the complete spend, receive cash vouchers worth a total of 100,000 baht, and many other exclusive promotions available only for visitors to “BnB home EXPO 2022”.

“Even though the Thai economy has recently been in recovery mode, we sincerely hope that this event will be a motivator for people to spend and revive purchasing power on home items at the start of the year,” concluded Mr.Suthisarn.

Shoppers should not miss the extravaganza of home furnishings and electricals, “BnB Home EXPO 2022” from today until 27 February at BITEC Bangna Halls 100-104, open from 10.00 to 22.00. The event will be fully compliant with protocols to contain the spread of COVID-19 issued by the Ministry of Public Health. Every visitor must pass the temperature screening point and scan a QR code on the Thai Chana app to register their entry and exit. Alcohol gel hand wash will be supplied throughout the event. Shop with confidence in safety from COVID-19.

For more information please see www.bnbhome.com, Facebook, Instagram Line@ ‘bnbhometh’ or call 1308

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