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Stay Sane This Self-Isolation Season

We are currently living through some strange times, we want to reach out and make sure all our beloved clients are safe and healthy.

We love our golf-crazy clients, and to protect your sanity in the case of self-isolation we’ve come up with 5 ideas you can incorporate golf in these tough times.

So crack open a Corona, have a read and vote below which one you will be doing!

1. Work On Your Short Game

The easiest part of your game to work on whilst stuck in isolation is your short game. If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard you can dig up a makeshift hole to putt or chip into.

Some might even whip out that crumby putt-putt set their grandkids gave them that one Christmas, you know the one you can play on the can! Alternatively, in the lounge room you can set up a cup – or one of your 500 toilet rolls – as a substitute hole.

2. Practice Your Drive with a DIY Net

This one is for all the DIY gurus. Find a spot within your house (with your partner’s approval, of course) that you can comfortably open up and swing. Set up and test that the net works using something softer than a golf ball. Once clinically tested, fire away!

Need ideas on where to put your net? One of our Facebook followers has set up his temporary golfing range in his own garage – now that’s smart thinking!

3. Recreate Augusta with LEGO

The PGA may have postponed this year’s US Masters, but don’t let that get you down! With plenty of time at your disposal, you can get creative and recreate any, if not every, hole at Augusta with LEGO!

That’s exactly what tweeter Lou Stagner and his 9 year old daughter did when they built a replica of Augusta National’s famous 12th hole. All up they only needed 20,000 Lego pieces and 60 spare hours to complete it. Better still there are people interested in paying money for this… Easy money!

4. Play Augusta on a Video Game

Ask your kids or grandkids to teach you how to play one of Tiger Woods’ PGA Tour video games. Chances are they won’t have the game “because golf is boring” but before you beat some sense into them, you can just download the game onto the console – yes, just like an app!

You can play legendary courses from Augusta, Pebble Beach, Old Course at St Andrew’s – even Fancourt Links that features on our luxury South Africa Golf Tour. If the last video game you played was Pong, then you will be taken back from how realistic the graphics are! It’s like playing the real thing…

5. Improve Your 19th Hole Game

If you got no practice net, backyard, toilet rolls, lego, kids or consoles and you’re too lazy to get your clubs from the garage, then you can concentrate on getting better at the 19th hole.

Deceptively difficult, it involves drinking (responsibly) and engaging in conversations with your partner about how they are going and their interests. The social aspect is the most important thing, it can get lonely so if you don’t have a partner call up the boys or ladies and stay in touch.

How Will You Be Passing the Time?

Let us know, click on what you will get up to and see how you compared our other readers 😊

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